Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chris Jones nominated by Wrestling Observer/Figure Four for its annual Rookie of the Year Award.


Chris Jones nominated by Wrestling Observer/Figure Four for its annual Rookie of the Year Award.

Jones has wrestled for at least four local promotions in the past year including a recent appearance in Piedmont, AL for Pro South Wrestling.

Here is the full story from the Wrestling Observer/Figure Four site.

NWA Fusion Star Nominated for Wrestling Rookie of the Year

(Miami, FL) – Chris Jones, former NWA Florida Junior Heavyweight champion, has been nominated by Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online for its annual Rookie of the Year Award.

Jones, who’s had an incredible year—wrestling in the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup and stepping his game to the next level—has the full support of Pro Wrestling Fusion promoter Joseph Cabibbo.

“Chris has really come into his own,” Cabibbo said after the nomination was announced. “It’s obvious that he deserves this recognition. I’m glad that a noted outlet like Wrestling Observer recognizes Chris’s talent.”

Only subscribers to Wrestling Observer’s newsletter, whether online or in print, are eligible to vote for the award.

Deadline is January 7th, 2010.

“I’m honored to be nominated,” Jones said. “I hope people go to WrestlingObserver.com and vote for me!”

Jones, who recently lost the Junior Heavyweight title to Craig Classic in Tampa, was embroiled in a heated feud with former WCW superstar Prince Iaukea that will go down as a legendary mat war. But Cabibbo says that’s only helping Jones right now.

“It’s good for Chris to engage in the best competition that’s available,” Cabibbo said. “It will only help him down the road.”

Jones says he hopes to be the next Florida star to win this honor. Erick Stevens, Sarasota native, was the Wrestling Observer Rookie of the Year in 2007.

Jones can next be seen by wrestling fans at Pro Wrestling Fusion’s event at the PAL Center in Fort Pierce, FL on Saturday, December 19.

For more information about the Wrestling Observer, visit www.wrestlingobserver.com.

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