Sunday, December 13, 2009

Results: The Purks ICW, 12/12/09 - DDP is coming January 2nd

Results: The Purks ICW, 12/12/09 - DDP is coming January 2nd!

Brian Alexander "The Great" pinned Lamar Phillips;

Shaun Banks pinned Simon Sermon;

David Young pinned the Mystic Warrior;

Tracy Taylor pinned Nigel Sherrod after Too Tall Shorts rushed the ring to help after Sherrod grabbed a chair;

A match was set between Too Tall Shorts & Nigel Sherrod for January 2nd, 2010;

Thunder & Lightning defeated PICW Tag Team Champions Hardcore Productions after they were counted out;

The Steiner Brothers defeated Air Parris & "the Butcher" Bobby Hayes;

Hayes turns on Parris after the match and the Steiners comes to his rescue. Afterward Parris announces that he had been anticipating Hayes' change of heart and was going to bring in Diamond Dallas Page to help settle score at the next show on January 2nd, 2010.

Notes: Attendance was approx 1050. The referee was Spanky Emerson. This was the last show in US for Tracy Taylor & David Young. They, along with Tracy's husband Micah, will be wrestling overseas for at least a year.

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