Monday, December 21, 2009

Results: Great Championship Wrestling, 12/17/09


Results: Great Championship Wrestling, 12/17/09

The show opened up with "The Marvelous Minute" with Michael Stevens and his guest GCW Owner & Founder Diane Hewes. Hewes came out to thanks the fans for a successful year but was interrupted by Murder One. Murder One disagreed with Hewes, stating that 2009 was a success only because he was involved. Murder proceeded to begin choking Hewes until Erik Watts made the save. Hewes then stated that Murder One would not be fined or suspended, it is believed that she has other plans for his disciplining;

Mike Kross defeated Michael Stevens;

GCW Tag Team Champions The Faces of Death (Dany Only & Ron Stalker) defeated J-Rod and Tex Monroe;

Chris Stevens defeated Bull Buchanan with assistance from Murder One;

Shaun Banks defeated Cru Jones;

GCW Interstate Champion Kyle Matthews defeated GCW Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Rave in a non-title match;

After the match Murder One & Matthews double teamed Rave until Buchanan ran in to make the save;

GCW will be taking the next two weeks off for a holiday break and will return to action on January 7th.

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