Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Results: ProSouth Wrestling, 01/28/11, from Piedmont, AL


Results: ProSouth Wrestling, 01/28/11, from Piedmont, AL

NWA/ROH Star Corey Hollis made his ProSouth debut defeating Stinger Shawn
Seagle in our opening match.

"Future Classic" Tyler Gage showed why he is still All-Out Champion, by
making quick work of Jed Johnson. Gage continued the punishment of
Johnson, prompting "Epic" Grant Mitchell to make the save!

Next up was collumbine & "Epic" Grant Mitchell versus Drew "The Bull"
Scott and the returning Daniel Alexander! As collumbine and Drew brawled
on the outside, Daniel Alexander got a single serving of "Epic" Grant's
foot and was down for the three count.

At this point, Commissioner Terry Batey called our concession stand
worker, Kendall, into the ring. He gave her flowers that he said were sent
by a secret admirer.

Kyle Matthews vs "Do or Die" Chip Day ended in a No Contest when Mike
Posey, Corey Hollis, and Jimmy Rave hit the ring. Following this, Ace
Haven and Scott Spade cleared the ring with chairs! Commissioner Terry
Batey was furious and made an impromptu tag match right on the spot!

Mike Posey and Corey Hollis defeated Ace Haven & Scott Spade via
underhanded tactics! Jimmy Rave and Chip Day were ringside, however this
would be short-lived, as Rave was ejected for getting involved in the
action and Chip Day was assaulted to the back by an angry Kyle Matthews! A
fast-paced back and forth match was underway as the odds were even,
eventually a bloodied Ace Haven made the tag to Scott Spade, but Spade was
cheated out of the victory!

Post-match as the two teams brawled, HoFer Rick Freeman came to the ring
and leveled all the of Jimmy Rave Approved, except their "fearless"
leader, Jimmy Rave! Terry Batey returned once more with two HUGE
announcements. On Feb 11th, Jimmy Rave, Chip Day, Corey Hollis and Mike
Posey will do battle with Ace Haven, Kyle Matthews, Scott Spade and a
fourth partner! But wait, there's more! Terry Batey said he was in need of
a break, and that next week, Rick Freeman would be interim commissioner!

Corey Hollis, Mike Posey, & Chip Day will face collumbine, Ace Haven &
Scott Spade!

Plus so much more!

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