Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Results: ProSouth Wrestling, 02/04/11, from Piedmont, AL


Results: ProSouth Wrestling, 02/04/11, from Piedmont, AL

- from PSW

In our opening contest, Jay Clinton cheated Robi Vio out of a victory by pinning him with his feet on the ropes!

Tyler Gage came out for a promo and made sure that everybody knew he would walk out STILL All-Out Champion after Valentine's Day Massacre on Feb 11th.

Drew "The Bull" Scott crushed Jed Johnson in a very short match.

Our concession stand, Kendall, was sent a teddy bear and a balloon from a secret admirer.

"Epic" Grant Mitchell came out for his match but was jumped by "Future Classic" Tyler Gage. The two men brawled around the ring with Grant Mitchel getting the better of Gage. When things looked bleak, Gage bailed and went back to the locker room.

Damon TAZ defeated Daniel Alexander, but was jumped by the returning "Hit for Hire" Bobby Moore! It was announced that Damom TAZ would be facing off with Bobby Moore at Valentine's Day Massacre on Feb 11th.

collumbine, Ace Haven & Scott Spade defeated Chip Day, Corey Hollis, & Mike Posey w/Jimmy Rave in our main event! Jimmy Rave was ejected from ringside after interfering. Drew Scott and collumbine brawled to the back near the end of the contest, leaving Spade & Haven outnumbered. Rave returned to ringside, but was attacked by the returning Johnny Viper! The referee was knocked out in the melee, but Rick Freeman came down to ringside to make the count for Spade & Haven. Interim Commissioner Rick Freeman announced that he would be the special guest referee on Feb 11th @ Valentine's Day Massacre and that Johnny Viper was the fourth member of Team ProSouth!

February 11th, 2011

ProSouth Championship on the line in No DQ & No Count Out!
collumbine (c) vs Drew "The Bull" Scott

All-Out Championship
"Future Classic" Tyler Gage (c) vs "Epic" Grant Mitchell

8-Man Tag Team Match w/ Special Guest Referee - Rick Freeman!
Team ProSouth (Ace Haven, Scott Spade, Johnny Viper & Kyle Matthews)
Jimmy Rave Approved (Jimmy Rave, Chip Day, Mike Posey, & Corey Hollis)

Grudge Match
"Hit for Hire" Bobby Moore vs Damon TAZ

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