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Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, 10/03/09


Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, 10/03/09

The show began with promoter Shane Noles introducing Lord Byron Jennings, the Director of Independent Promotions for the southeast region. The mic was given to Mr Jennings and he informed the crowd that he was there to make sure that they got their money's worth and the rules were strictly enforced. He and Noles then broke down the rules for the evening's Southern Cruiserweight Tournament. The eight wrestlers involved in the tournament made their way out to the ring and their names were added to a hat. The names were drawn under Jennings' supervision and the matches began.

The first first match saw PWA's mexican misfit, El Mexicano, taking on Ace Haven. Ace Haven managed to throw a couple decent arm drags but the match was all El Mexicano. El Mexicano pins Haven and moves to the semi-finals of the tournament.

The second match of the evening was the match-up Derrick Andrews Reynolds vs The Lethal Luchador. Reynolds seemed overmatched from the start and the Luchador picked up an easy victory.

The third match was "Wildfire" Tommy Rich taking on the Ultimate Dragon. Rich looked to be in better shape than last time we saw him and gave the Dragon all he could take. The matched ended up as a time limit draw. Unfortunately the tournament rules called for the winners of all draws this evening to be determined by a coin flip. The Ultimate Dragon won the coin flip and Tommy Rich had to be restrained.

The final match of the opening round was "Action" Mike Jackson taking on Collumbine. Collumbine put up a valiant effort but was no match for Jackson's experience. Jackson moves on to the semi-finals.

After the first intermission, the matches were drawn for the semi-finals.

The Lethal Luchador was matched up against one of his "Golder Rule" partners, El Mexicano. Both men brutalized each other throughtout the entire 15 minute match as it ended in a time limit draw. Another coin flip was utilized to determine the winner and The Lethal Luchador moved on to the final match of the tournament.

The Ultimate Dragon made his way to the ring amid a chorus of boos although there were several diehard Dragon fans cheering for him. "Action" Mike Jackson rushed to the ring and immediately went to work on the Dragon as the bell rang. After near falls for both men, Jackson hit the Dragon with several chops sending him to canvas where he went to work on getting his mask off. Jackson pinned the Dragon to win the match and move on to face the Lethal Luchador in our final round.

After our last intermission, The Lethal Luchador along with his Gold Rule cohorts, Ultimate Dragon & El Mexicano, made their way to the ring. Mr Jennings stood between the trio and the ring threatening to have them suspended if the Dragon and El Mexicano did not return to the locker room. Both men decided to take Jennnings' threat seriously and went back to the locker room. Mike Jackson made his way to the ring and the bell sounded.

The Lethal Luchador has been undefeated in his matches with PWA and he showed no signs of being tired after two matches this evening. Jackson matched the Luchador move for move and looked as if he might take back the title he once held. The Lethal Luchador rolled Jackson up for a pin using the ropes for leverage and was given the victory despite the crowds reaction to the obvious injustice.

The Lethal Luchador was handed the belt as his partners made their way into the ring. The Ultimate Dragon took control of the mic and congratulated the Luchador in his victory. He then told the Luchador that the Southern Cruiserweight belt rightfully belong around his waist because he was the defacto leader of the Golden Rule. The Luchador objected and was dropped by both of his partners. While the Luchador was on the ground, the Dragon worked on his mask and his face was revealed. After making his way back to his feet, the Luchador was hit in the forehead with the belt by the Dragon leaving him unmasked, bloodied and abandoned in the middle of the ring.

PWA notes: Attendance was 128. The next PWA show is scheduled for Saturday, 11/17/09, and will feature NWA National Champion Phil Shatter defedning his title against NWA Anarchy superstar Truitt Fields, a mixed midget match and The Ultimate Dragon vs The Lethal Luchador.

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