Friday, October 2, 2009

Results: Pro South Wrestling, 10/01/09


Results: Pro South Wrestling, 10/01/09

- from Piedmont, AL

Scott Spade & Stinger defeated Ace Haven & The Dustin Williams;

Collumbine defeated Wes Taylor;

Chris Lightning defeated Scourge;

Waylon Rhodes defeated Chris Lightning;

Drew Scott & Daniel Alexander defeated Bulldog Raines & Josh Stone in a questionable finish;

Stupid w/ Tweety & P.O.D.E.C defeated JT Angel to become the new PSW Tag Team Champions;

PSW Heavyweight Champion Steven Michaels defeated the monster Thirteen;

PSW Notes: Stay tuned for details on a big PSW show on Oct 29th featuring a Cage Match, a Casket Match, a Crosswire Match (ala TNA X division) and a Tables match along with a costume contest and goodies for the kids young and old.

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