Monday, October 5, 2009

Wrestling at The Purks' big announcement!


Wrestling at The Purks' big announcement!

Wrestling at The Purks has announced that they are bringing in TNA superstar Scott Steiner for their next show, 11/07/09. Steiner will face "The Butcher" Bobby Hayes and the show will also feature a match between former TNA star David Young and former WCW star Air Parris. Check back soon for results from the Wrestling at The Purks this past Saturday along with the full card for the Nov 7th show.

Steiner caused a near riot in Zurich, Switzerland over the weekend. Steiner ripped up a Swiss flag in the middle of the ring and the crowd reacted by throwing bottles and other debris into the ring. Because of fan's reaction and the debris in the ring, Booker T and his wife/valet Sharmell refused to participate in their match and walked out on the event. Check out the video below the see exactly what happened.

Let hope Steiner doesn't rip up a confederate flag in the middle of the ring on Nov. 7th! :-)

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