Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Results: Pro South Wrestling, 10/15/09


Results: Pro South Wrestling, 10/15/09

Chip Day defeated Scott Spade;

Bulldog Raines & Josh Stone defeated Drew Scott & Daniel Alexander;

Ace Haven defeated Stinger;

PSW Newcomer Jamie Richards defeated Stupid w/ Tweety;

collumbine defeated JT Angel;

ProSouth Champion Steven Micheals defeated Terry Green, Chip Day, Scourge, and P.O.D.E.C. in an all-out war started by collumbine!!!

PSW notes: This Thursday's show features: Stupid w/Tweety vs JT Angel, PODEC vs Jamie Richards, Scourge vs Scott Spade and PSW Champion Steven Michaels vs Waylon Rhodes.
The action is building towards an explosion at PSW's Wicked Havoc show on Oct. 29th.

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