Thursday, December 2, 2010

Great Championship Wrestling tonight in Phenix City, AL


Great Championship Wrestling tonight in Phenix City, AL

- from GCW

On December 2nd, 2010, for the first time in a one on one capacity, International wrestling superstar Bull Buchanan will face Nation , for the richest prize in the southeast region, the GCW Heavyweight Championship. This year especially , the stock of the GCW Heavyweight Championship has risen, due to the increasingly tough set of contenders who consistently challenge for the coveted strap.

The goal of the Championship committee this year was to really make sure that whomever held the championship belt, would be the best on the roster, not due to political strings, but natural raw ability. A champion should be willing to defend his championship against anyone, at any time, regardless of the circumstances.

An example of 2010's highly competitive Championship scene, started in the beginning of the year, when Kyle Matthews won the vacated GCW title, when the reigning champion was no longer able to defend it. Matthews was awarded the championship at 8:32pm on January 28th, 2010. However rather then take the title and go home, Matthews defended the championship that very night, and lost it in a valiant effort against Bull Buchanan less then 45 minutes later. In past years, Matthews might have been able to take advantage of the notorious 30 day rule a champion has, but the championship committee has cracked down sternly on this kind of reputation, and to Matthews credit, he willingly put the title on the line against one of the top stars in the industry, with less then 45 minutes notice. Regardless that he lost, that makes Kyle Matthews the spirit of a true champion.

Another example of the rigors the GCW Champions of this year have gone through to establish the credit of the title, is Scott Steele. Steele won the championship in the shortest recorded GCW Title match in history, putting then champion Murder One away in less then 3 minutes to attain the title on March 25th, 2010, and after winning the championship, subsequently defended the title against an impressive roster of talent. Many say Steele's championship reign was cut short due to his increasingly brutal series of defenses,many of which he fought injured due to a lagging injury at the hands of Johnny Swinger. Still, Steele would accept match after match, with his reign culminating on July 29th, in a triple threat match in which Steele faced both Johnny Swinger & Micah Taylor in a brutal, high stakes match that had the odds against the champion. Steele would lose the championship honorably to Johnny Swinger, however following the loss, Steele found himself mentally burned out from the pressures of being champion, and took personal time away from the promotion proving the taxing efforts of a champion stay with you long after the belt is relinquished. The price of a champion is everlasting glory, and never ending pain.

But possibly the best example of the new championship spirit, comes in the form of the current champion, GCW Heavyweight Title holder, Nation. Nation, who only debuted on March 17th 2010, quickly rose through the promotion due to unrelenting popularity, and a strong audience voice that demanded his skill. After spending the summer coming narrowly close in several Interstate Title matches, Nation took advantage of an open challenge on October 7th, 2010, upsetting Johnny Swinger to win the big prize, the GCW Heavyweight Title, and in doing so, surprised the entire promotion, roster & fanbase alike. Since winning the title, Nation has accepted the challenge of all comers, including Deathrow, Rob Adonis, David Young, and Bull Buchanan.

"He just won't say no" said one GCW superstar. "It's going to catch up with him. But he's loving what he does, he is proud to be a champion and wants to go out every chance he gets to defend it. Alot of people doubted he'd keep the title one week, and now we are approaching 2 months."

However, before Nation reaches that 2 month milestone, one thing stands in his way. Standing nearly seven feet tall, with an international win/loss record like no one in the history of GCW, the tough , rugged mainstay of Greatness, Bull Buchanan, looks to unseat Nation on December 2nd, ending the Cinderella story.

"I like Nation" Buchanan commented. "But i've over come everything this year. Everyone he's beat, I beat first. Everything he's done, i've done twice. It's not about friendship, it's about that belt. And on December 2nd, i take back that prestige. You don't have to like it, but it's going to happen."

Nation had similar words for Buchanan, in preperation for the match on December 2nd.

"Last time we were in the ring together, i was flat on my back and he was standing over me with the GCW title. And i haven't forgotten that image, looking up and seeing him, he's an impressive dude. But i didn't get to where I am, being intimidated. If my time has come to end, then it has come to an end, but i will face it like man with my chin up, and guns blazing strong. He's going to have a fight on December 2nd, because to hold on to this title, I will do anything."

To truly understand the prestige of the championship belt, one must remember it's past, present, and future, and on Thursday, December 2nd, all of those come to a head, in the most anticipated Heavyweight Title Match of the winter. The only question is, what price will either one of these men pay, to walk away with the belt that means everything.

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