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Dixie Championship Wrestling this Saturday, 09/05


Dixie Championship Wrestling this Saturday, 09/05

from DCW-

After a eventful show last week, this week's show will definitely be one you won't want to miss! There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Big Will. And he has already made four matches for this week. Let's take a look....

Tommy Gage signed a contract to get a rematch with Matt Gilbert. In order to do so, he must meet Matt's stipulations. One of them being that Matt will get to hand pick Tommy's opponent each week leading up to their match. His first choice was former DCW champion the Allstar who didn't get the job done. Now, Tommy's next challenge will come in the form of "The One" Joey Idol.

Last week we saw Evan Rhymer turn his back on his brother and the DCW fans to join Logan Chase and Chase Enterprise. He was victorious thanks to Logan last week and he will have a new challenge set in front of him this week. But Logan will be quite busy himself as he teams with his associate, Hailey Rage against the team of Jessica Wetmore and Manda Mae.

DCW champion Bobby Blaze made his mark last week as he caused the Southern Outlaws a tag match as well as picked up a victory for his team in a six man tag. But now he will be in a gauntlet match against three members of the Outlaw Army. Bobby won the title in a gauntlet but only had to face one man. Will he be able to keep his title against three? Be there to find out.

Heartache seemed to fill the DCW arena last week as betrayals ran throughout the whole show. Wes "OMG" Blaze was facing off against Talon Williams in a match he had fought months to get and looked to finish him off when Johnny Blaze, who was the special referee, turned on his own son and cost him the match. Then encouraged his son to get out of wrestling all-together. What will Wes do?

The big news of the week however is after being removed of the four way title match last month, the Skydogs (Ray Fury & Jake Murphy) have fought their way to the top so that DCW management had no choice but to give them a title match. But True Perfection (Chad Guiliani & Chip Hazard) have a rematch clause getting them a chance to regain their titles. So now, Second Dimension (Johnny Viper & Devin Lee) have no choice but to defend their titles against both teams in a three way, winner take all match for the tag team titles this saturday night!!

This and much more will happen! Don't miss it! You never know what will happen next. Be there to find out for yourself. This Saturday night, Belltime: 7:30. 1243 Cavender Road, Dalton, Ga.

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