Saturday, September 19, 2009

Results: Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling, 09/19/09

Results: Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling, 09/19/09

Josh Storm defeated Billy Knight;

Kyle Matthews defeated Frankie Valentine;

Josh Stone defeated Colt Derringer (w/JW Outlaw);

After the match, Evil Inc's Clydesdale rushed the ring and teamed with Derringer to give Stone a beating. Rob Adonis and Temple Football coach Grimsley rushed to Josh's aid leading to a tag team challenge;

Josh Stone & Rob Adonis vs Colt Derringer & Clydesdale (w/JW Outlaw) ended in a time limit draw;

Coach Grimsley came to the aid of Stone & Adonis as the match ended after it looked like it was turning into a 3 on 2 battle.

Bulldog Raines defeated SECW Heavyweight Champion Cru Jones in a non title match;

The crowd and Bulldog were celebrating the victory until Cru and promoter Scott East reminded everyone that it was a non-title match;

SECW notes: The show was a benefit for the Temple Football program and promoter Scott East was presented with a plaque in appreciation for SECW's support of the program throughout the years. Attendance was approx 300. The referee was Spanky Emerson and the ring announcer was JBLementary. The next SECW show is this Friday, 09/25/09 with a main event of SECW Heavyweight Champion Cru Jones vs Bulldog Raines for the title and a special appearance by Mr Wrestling II.

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