Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Results: New Wave Wrestling Alliance, 09/24/09


Results: New Wave Wrestling Alliance, 09/24/09

The Russian Nightmare pinned Afterburner;

The Darkside Assassin pinned Dark Gable;

The Andrews Brothers defeated Omega & Kevin Dunn;

Next up was the P.S. TV segment with The PS Express. Guests were The Phat Man Patrol, Damon Taz & Deja Vu. The PS Express ended up pouring Slim Fast on The Phat Man Patrol and a match between the teams was scheduled as a result;

The Phat Man Patrol gets a DQ victory over The PS Express;

NWWA Heavyweight Champion Johnny Slaughter is disqualified in his match with Chic Donovan after using an illegal chemical substance;

NWWA notes: NWWA's next big card, "Fright Night 2009" is scheduled for Oct 29th and will feature a last man standing match with Johnny Slaughter & Chic Donovan, a rematch between Dark Gable & The Darkside Assasssin along with a Casket Match featuring The PS Express and The Phat Man Patrol.

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