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Results: Dixie Championship Wrestling, 09/26/09


Results: Dixie Championship Wrestling, 09/26/09

-from DCW

Our first match of the night saw Shawn Rage take on Psycho Scott. These two ring veterans took each other to the limit with fast paced action. Cody Ayers made his way to the ring to ensure his rival didn't win, and Psycho Scott walked out with another victory.

Cody then made his way back out to the ring with Hailey and Evan Rymer at ringside to take on his former partner Mr. G now known as Aaron Manu taking his samoan roots. These former friends battled it out knowing each other well but Cody came out on top as he defeated his former friend.

The third match saw new DCW champion Chad "The Bad" Case and former champion Bobby Blaze team up against The Allstar and Blackjack Miller with Tim Dixon at ringside on crutches and handcuffed to Big Doug! And once the Outlaw Army pulled their usual antics, Big Doug got free and nailed Tim Dixon. He also nailed Blackjack with a crutch. He then handed Allstar the crutch while the ref was distracted, and Chad and Bobby fell. The ref turned to see Allstar with crutch in hand and Case and Bobby got the victory by DQ, but this is far from over.

Matt Gilbert then made his way to speak his mind about Tommy Gage and called out his mystery opponent which was none other than Wes "OMG" Blaze. After a war of intros, the two battled on the floor and in the ring. Wes kept control the majority of the match and went for the OMG moment but Johnny Viper's music hit. Wes droppped Matt and waited for Viper who never showed. Matt took advantage and laid Wes out, hit the legdrop, and got the win. Wes vowed to get his hands on Johnny Viper.

"The Superfreak" Adam Young then made his way to the ring for one on one action against Vance Knuckles. Young had the match under control and his former partner Psycho Scott made his way out to nail Adam but accidentally hit Vance instead, allowing Adam to get the victory.

We then saw the three on one handicap match for the DCW Southern Women's Title as Manda Mae defended her title for the first time against Hailey, Logan Chase, and Jessica Wetmore. In a suprise turn of events, Hailey had a change of heart and decided to help Manda Mae and that she did as Manda retained the title. Logan and Jessica then beat them down until Cousin Cletus made his way back to DCW to help and challenged Logan and Jessica to a intergender tag match next week!

Tommy Gage was then forced to face his own partner, Big Will. Will tried to lay down for Tommy until Talon Williams got on the mic and announced that Matt Gilbert said if Will lays down, Tommy forfeits. Tommy then forced Will to compete by slapping him and the two had a all out brawl which poured into the crowd. Both men were counted out and Tommy Gage was left a bloody mess.

True Perfection(Chip Hazard & Chad Guiliani) then defended their newly won tag team titles against the unlikely team of Drew Game and Drake Draven. Drew and Drake got the win but the match was restarted. The two started to work together but it wasn't enough as True Perfection won the match to retain and walked out the front door once again with their titles.

Former BTY members then clashed as "The One" Joey Idol faced off against "The Messiah" Talon Williams. This was a all out brawl between former friends which took both men to their limits as the match ended in a double pin resulting in a draw.

Our main event of the evening saw Evan Rymer come to the ring making fun of his brother until Kevan made his way out ready for a fight. These two also brawled until Evan had enough and slid out of the ring to take the ten count.

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