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Results: Dixie Championship Wrestling, 09/05/09


Results: Dixie Championship Wrestling, 09/05/09

-from DCW

We opened with the big DCW title match where Bobby Blaze had to face off against three members of the Outlaw Army. His first opponent was the powerhouse, Blackjack Miller who decimated Bobby and threw him around the ring. But in a act of heart, skill, or pure luck, Bobby picked up the win. His next opponent was Tim Dixon who merely picked the scraps that Blackjack had left until Bobby got the win against him as well. The third and final opponent was none other than Allstars right hand man, Chad "The Bad" Case. But not even help from ringside could keep the champion down as he defeated Chad and retained his title showing the Outlaw Army once and for all, he is no fluke champion.

Our next contest was singles action between Gigalo Cody facing off against Shawn Rage. Shawn used his experience to his advantage, but Cody was able to pull out a victory with a little bending of the rules.

The next contest was the three way "winner take all" match for the DCW Tag Team titles as Second Dimension(Johnny Viper & Devin Lee) defended against True Perfection(Chip Hazard & Chad Guiliani w/Jessica Wetmore) and The Skydogs(Ray Fury & Jake Murphy). This match had it all, high flying, technical, and brawling as these three teams gave it their all. In the end, Johnny Viper hit Jessica Wetmore causing the ref and True Perfection to check on her. Skydogs then hit their finisher on Johnny and made the cover as another ref slid in to count the three granting the Skydogs their first DCW Tag Titles. Ray and Jake weren't excited that it was a different ref but still celebrated with True Perfection.

Tommy Gage then had his next match made by Matt Gilbert as he faced "The One" Joey Idol. Joey and Adam Stevens had some disagreements before the match but Joey remained focused and took Tommy to his limit but it wasn't enough as Tommy picked up the victory to keep his streak alive. He was then immediately jumped by Johnny Blaze who beat Tommy into oblivion. Johnny then kept Tommy out on the floor until he sneaked around and up to the top rope. As Johnny looked out on the floor, he turned into a big cross body that got Tommy the pin. A angry Johnny then attacked Gage once again and hooked him for a chokeslam until Big Will threatened to fire Blaze if he did it. Blaze then threw Tommy down and Big Will announced that the fans would choose Johnny's opponent for next week at the end of the night. Will also announced that since Matt Gilbert has not been there that Tommy no longer has to comply to the stipulations and Matt Gilbert is officially stripped of the title. He announced a fatal 4 way for next week to determine the new champion and announced Tommy Gage, Evan Rhymer, Talon Williams, and much to the dissapointment of Johnny, Wes "Oh My God" Blaze!

Talon Williams then had a match to warm up for next week as he faced the strong silent powerhouse, Big Red Adams. Talon used his swift offense for the most part but still got caught by the power of Big Red. Talon was able to pull out a victory but had to cheat to win. Adam Stevens then got in the ring and shoved Talon. Saying he can't do anything for himself, and always needs help or to cheat. Talon says Adam has changed. Don't take Talon seriously. They argued about the original BTY members, the past, and breaking Wes Blaze's leg. Talon then said his friendship with Adam was over and he is no better than the fans. Adam then stated that BTY was dead and the only person in the group that had balls was Wes Blaze.

Shawn Shady then made his way to the ring with Psycho Scott for singles action against the returning Drew Game. The man of a thousand kicks made Shady delirious with kicks and even schooled him in collegate style wrestling, Shady's specialty. Shady fought back with the help of Scott, but it proved to not be enough as Drew picked up the victory in a triumphant return.

We then had a special attraction in the form of a divas tag team match. In a brewing rivalry we saw the team of the DCW Diva's champion Logan Chase and Hailey take on the opposing team of Jessica Wetmore and Manda Mae. Manda's lack of experience caused her to get a beating but her superior amount of heart helped her defy the odds and lead her team to victory as Jessica and Manda walked out as the winners much to the dissaproval of Logan.

The semi-main event of the evening saw Evan Rhymer make his way to the ring with Logan Chase to take on one of his former rivals, "Superfreak" Adam Young. These two lightweights showed each other no respect as they traded blows and fought for a victory. Adam had the upperhand and came off the top rope as Logan handed Evan a foreign object to hit the Superfreak with to get the victory.

Out main event of the evening saw Jason Cole come to the ring to face Wes "OMG" Blaze. Wes was not himself after the events of last week but announced he would not quit wrestling. Jason Cole then attacked Wes after extending for a handshake and beat him down through the majority of the match. Wes made a comeback though and hit his trademark spinebuster, getting ready to get the win but Johnny Blaze then made his way to the ring and stood in front of his son. He dared Wes to punch him. Pushing and slapping his son but Wes still refused. Johnny then chokeslammed Wes once again and left him laying. Jason Cole thanked Johnny and then got a chokeslam of his own. The ref ruled it a double disqualification. This brought out Big Will. Will said it was time to find out who Johnny's opponent for next week was. Piper read off every vote and then announced that every peice of paper had the same name and Johnny's opponent would be none other than Big Will! Johnny and Will then stared each other down and left the ring. Wes stumbled to his feet in tears and said he still would not fight his own father. He left the ring and the show ended.

So next week we already have two HUGE matches set up as a new Light Heavyweight Champion will be crowned and two titans will face off for the first time ever. It will definitely be a show you won't want to miss.

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