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Results: Dixie Championship Wrestling, 09/19/09


-from DCW-

In the first match we saw Psycho Scott take on "The Super Freak" Adam Young. These former partners took it to the limit, knowing each other so well it was hard to get a upper hand. But some extra leverage with feet on the ropes helped Scott walk out with a victory.

Matt "Freakin" Gilbert then made his way to the ring to announce Tommy Gage's opponent for this week. He brought out the Meth Mangler. Tommy's music hit but he never came out. Tommy was counted out and his streak ended. Big Will then came out and made the match null and void because Tommy was not in the building for the night. He then announced that Matt would have a match and it would be for his title. Stupid made his way to the ring with his valet Tweety. The fans didn't like either participant but in a shocking result, Stupid got the win and became the new DCW Light Heavyweight champion.

The next match was a handicap match as the Giggalo Train battled Shawn Rage. Giggalo Cody and Rage have been having some one upmanship on each other as each hold a victory. The odds seemed to be in Cody's favor, but when Mr. G hit Cody by mistake, Shawn was able to pick up a victory in the handicap match.

The DCW Tag Team Titles were on the line in a crowd favorite match between champions The Skydogs(Jake Murphy & Ray Fury) and challengers True Perfection(Chip Hazard & Chad Guiliani). Moose was the referee wearing a "I love Jessica" shirt on. What is his obsession with her? These two teams pulled out everything in their arsenal to walk away the champions. Jessica got on the apron as Ray Fury went to hit a move Chip. Chip moved and Ray almost hit Jessica. However, Jessica still fell off the apron and to the floor when it was obvious that Ray never touched her. Moose immediately went to check on her and True Perfection was able to pick up the victory as another ref slid in the ring. Then True Perfection attacked Sky Dogs and left them laying. Then attacked Moose. Then referee TJ with a chair. True Perfection didn't get a positive response as they left through the front door with the titles and Jessica checked on Moose.

We then had a match for the DCW championship as champion Bobby Blaze defended against former ally in the Outlaw Army, Chad "The Bad" Case. These two actually had a clean match. The fans were behind Bobby but the champ came up short and his reign came to an end as Chad hit the pedigree to get the win and become the new DCW champion. The Allstar then told Chad to hand over the title like he did with Bobby. Chad also refused, and paid for it as the Outlaw Army beat him down. Bobby came back out with a chair to save Chad and helped him to his feet.

"The Messiah" Talon Williams and "The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper then came to the ring to speak their mind about Joey Idol. They called him out to the ring and "The One" made his way out ready for a fight. Viper said he hopes he has a partner, and none other than Wes "OMG" Blaze made his way to the ring. Johnny laughed and revealed Wes had went to jail. The fans didn't mind and Viper got mad. Wes insulted Viper a bit before doing his intro and getting the match started. In literal back and forth action, both teams stayed on top. Talon and Joey brawled to the floor as Wes went for the OMG moment. Viper raked his eyes and hit a backcracker for the 1-2-3 becoming the third man to pin Wes Blaze in DCW. A figure then came out of the crowd behind Talon and low blowed him, followed by a clothesline. The figure unmasked and it was none other than Adam Stevens who then got in the ring with Idol and Blaze and raised their hands.

We then had our fourth title match of the night as the Southern Womens title was on the line as champion Logan Chase defended against Jessica Wetmore, Manda Mae, and Hailey. Cody and Evan Rymer were sent to the back to ensure no interference. It made a difference as Manda Mae was able to get the win and the title! But her victory was cut short as Jessica Wetmore attacked her. Jessica said Manda cost her the title too many times. She then made a 3-on-1 handicap match for next week. Big Will came out and made it official. And also announced he will be the special referee for the match!

Evan Rymer then made his way to the ring for a return match with Torque. These to light heavyweights took it to the next level with some crazy moves, fast paced action, and all around good action. But once again Torque was denied a victory as Evan Rymer walked out with his hand raised high.

Our main event was for the new DCW six man championship as The Outlaw Army(Allstar, Blackjack Miller, and Tim Dixon) faced the team of Big Red Adams, Jason Fear, and Stinger. Both teams gave it their all to get the title, and the Outlaws did a little cheating, but in the end it was Dixon and Miller hitting a tag team move on Stinger to pick up the win. The Outlaw Army were awarded with medallions for their victory.

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