Thursday, September 10, 2009

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 09/09/09


Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 09/09/09

Geter defeated Warhorse #88 (w/Johnathan Davis Wynn) via pinfall from a splash;

The Phantom debuted and defeated Warhorse #7 (w/Johnathan Davis Wynn) with a handspring stunner and a flash kick;

Feral pinned the Vandal after delivering a reverse backstab;

The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams) defeated Warhorse #18 and #33 (w/Johnathan Davis Wynn) via pinfall following a back cracker by Jon to Warhorse #33, and a diamond cutter follow by Trey also to Warhorse #33;

“The Natural” Shane Marx was given the victory over Mason after the referee stopped the match;

“The Attraction” Hayden Young defeated Consequences Creed via pinfall following the Flying Squirrel splash from the top rope;

PCW notes: The announcer was Sam Stone and the commentators were "Above Average" Mike Sanders and Stephen Platinum. Georgia Wrestling Federation champion “Sensational” Slick Rick Hayes’ issued an open challenge to any PCW wrestler. The challenge was answered by “The Natural” Shane Marx, and will be next week’s main event!

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