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Results: Great Championship Wrestling, 01/07/10, from Phenix City, AL


Results: Great Championship Wrestling, 01/07/10, from Phenix City, AL

Great Championship Wrestling presented it's first show of 2010, featuring the Phenix City Rumble, amidst some of the worst winter weather in recent memory for the area. Fans who attended saw a show full of energy and excitement, in what was said to be a very personalized feeling between wrestlers and fans throughout the evening. Great Championship Wrestling has finally begun filming consistent television programming, and packed this event with several matches worth the download when the broadcast hits the internet next week.

Johnny Swinger vs. J-Rod:
GCW started their new year with big main event feel, as Johnny Swinger and J-rod renewed their rivalry with intense hatred and furious vengeance. Swinger hasn't forgotten that J-Rod unseated his seemingly unstoppable run as GCW champion back in October 2008. And J-Rod hasn't forgotten that HE brought Swinger back to GCW in May 2009, under the false pretense that Swinger had changed his ways. The match was non-stop, and very hard hitting, with neither man really establishing a clear dominance over the other. In the end, Swinger pulled out a pair of brass knuckles, and attempted to blast J-Rod, however J-Rod ducked and secured an atomic drop, however before J-rod could drop Swinger, Swinger cracked J-Rod with the knuckles, collapsing on top, and securing the tainted 3 count. Fans were furious at Swingers ability to utilize his oldest trick in the book, however should be excited to know that GCW has signed a rematch between the two on next weeks show, and if Swinger uses any kind of foreign object, he will not only be disqualified, he will also be suspended for 30 days.

Marvelous Michael Stevens Vs. 80's Guy John Bogie:
Marvelous came to the ring with Murder One, and the two gloated about choking the owner of GCW, Miss Diane, at the last show. The physical altercation was re-created in a entertaining yet warped re-enactment, that saw Marvelous playing the damsel in distress a little too naturally! John Bogie, long time member of Great Championship Wrestling, came out to stick up for Miss Diane, and caught both Marvelous and Murder off guard with a series of punches. Marvelous rebounded back with a serious attack on Bogie's legs, that saw the 80's guy limping throughout the match, however was able to re-secure the momentum with a high elevation backdrop! Murder One, disgusted at his friends performance, left the ringside area. With the two on one advantage finally cast aside, Bogie was able to cradle Marvelous for a 3 count, and walk out victorious!

GCW Interstate Championship Match:
Kyle Matthews (C)w/ Princeton Gainey Vs. Suicidal All Star Mike Kross:
Matthews came out and talked about Jimmy Rave's emergency surgery, and how Rave was recovering at home from having his tonsils removed. Matthews however claimed Raves true reason for not being in attendance, was that he didn't want to defend his GCW Heavyweight Championship. He went so far as to call Rave a paper champion and informed the fans that while Rave may not have the guts to defend HIS title, Matthews would gladly defend his, and prove that he is the best singles champion in the company. Kross had high hopes in this match, that can only be described as excellence. Several near falls drew shades of Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage from Wrestlemania III, while their fierce fire of flying offense seemingly elevated the game of both men, with both trying to out do the other athletically, as well as psychologically. Matthews however, was able to utilize his fancy footwork to wear down Mike Kross, and catch him with the Slurpee kick in the corner. He rolled the limp Kross up into a small package and scored the win, adding fuel to his claim at being the best in the world. Matthews has challenged Rave to defend his championship at February 11th's,"GCW: Bleeding Hearts & Broken Bones", but there is no word on whether Rave will be cleared in time to accept that kind of task.

GCW Tag Team Championship Match:
Murder One/Marvelous Michael Stevens vs. The Faces of Death W/ J.T. Smooth:
Gruesome match full of physicality and moments where you just had to cringe in empathy for the pain being inflicted. Early in the match, Dany Only tore his shoulder entirely out, to where you could visibly see the bones displacement. As his shoulder turned different colors, he continued the fight, however with one arm, this left the champions at a disadvantage, and Murder and Marvelous were able to score the upset and become new GCW Tag Team Champions. It has been reported, that Only will require surgery and be out of action for several months, however Ron Stalker will remain with the organization. Stalker, when asked about his partner's injury, showed no signs of remorse, and was quick to imply that causalities of war, are acceptable as the long term victory is achieved.

Triple Threat Match:
Cru Jones Vs. Bull Buchanan vs. Shaun Banks:
With Jones and Banks at each others throats, this match added more depth than just the main event quality. Another match that featured legit hard hitting, flesh pounding, bruise inducing brutality, Buchanan at several times seemed to be caught between the former members of Hot Like Lava, as they tried to one up each other at his expense. However in the end, Buchanan was able to take advantage of Jones and Banks lack of focus and score the pin over Banks.

Phenix City Rumble: 10 Men in 2010 Battle for Supremacy:
Kyle Matthews won the Phenix City 'Rumble, when it came down to Bull Buchanan and himself. Buchanan drew the final entrance number and was red hot; eliminating several guys, however Murder One re-emerged and assisted Matthews in dumping Buchanan over the top rope, enabling Matthews to start the year with tremendous momentum. Murder One immediately hid from Buchanan. Buchanan thought Murder had run to the back and quickly chased after him, however as Buchanan ran through the curtain, a giant cracking sound boomed and Buchanan was seen falling to the ground with no one exactly sure what had happened. Murder got back into the ring with Matthews, smiling ear to ear, leading many to believe that whatever happened behind the curtain to Buchanan, involved Murder One! However, Murders smiling did not last for long, as Miss Diane, owner of GCW, appeared on the big screen live via her office, and told Murder that she has finally determined the proper punishment for his abuse to her 3 weeks ago. At February 11th's Bleeding Hearts & Broken Bones, he will face the very man he just helped assault, BULL BUCHANAN. Murder did not seem phased by this, and was heard yelling "as long as you pay me!". Murder One's smile quickly turned sour when Diane announced this match would be GCW's first ever 6 Corners of Torture match! The name itself, sent chills down Murder's spine, as he demanded to anyone within ear shot to explain what that was. GCW will elaborate more on this dangerous sounding match this coming Thursday. Murder One will have to wait, like everyone else, to find out what he's in store for, on February 11th, against Bull Buchanan.

Buchanan was reported to be ok after the assault backstage and verified that an uknown assailant had hit him with a steel chair. Buchanan will no doubt be looking for this assailant this Thursday, as well as preparing for his battle with Murder One on February 11th. Fans will get a preview of that match, as Murder and Marvelous Michael Stevens will defend the GCW Tag Team Championships against Bull Buchanan and Mike Kross.

During the Phenix City Rumble, Miguel Guerrero returned to the company as an active competitor, as did Drew Adler, who wrestled briefly for the organization in July 2009.

Long time video producer and announcer of Great Championship Wrestling, Taylor Mcknight, was seen in the building, and although he did not appear on the live event itself, he was seen earlier in the day taping segments to be aired on the broadcast. McKnight, who left Great Championship Wrestling in October 2009, seemed to be in great spirits and be happy to be back.

Overall the event was high energy and had a fresh feeling, largely due to the incredible new set up that Great Championship Wrestling debuted. Now with two separate locker rooms and entrance tunnels for rivals; the arena feels bigger with a more modern & unique look. With the new Thundering Thursdays theme in full effect, it seems GCW has taken a huge step forward in 2010, with hopefully many more, by all indications, to be taken.

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