Monday, January 18, 2010

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 01/15/09


Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 01/15/09

Brian Blaze with “The Burn” via pinfall over The Vandal;

Michael Cannon and Scott Steel with an over-the-shoulder running powerslam via pinfall over Warhorse #21 and Warhorse #7;

Geter with “Urameshiya” via tapout over De La Vega;

Pandora with The Pain of the Damned via submission over Warhorse #300;

Mason with Occam’s Razor via referee stoppage over Najasism;

“The Natural” Shane Marks with a Death Valley Driver via pinfall over The Phantom;

PCW notes: Ringside Commentators: J. Hanes, Karle Harriston, Kurt Kilgore; Referees: Duke Korey & Bill Leahy; Ring Announcer: Stephen Platinum; PCW is now running shows every Friday at the Academy Theater in Avondale Estates, GA.

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