Monday, October 18, 2010

IWA Deep South's "Southern Discomfort 2010" now available on DVD

IWA Deep South's "Southern Discomfort 2010" now available on DVD
IWA Deep South DVD August 28, 2010 "Southern Discomfort 2010" - Sylacauga, AL   $20.00
This DVD release also includes a new edit of the 2008 Carnage Cup.(Smart Mark Video)

1. The BFF's vs. Johnny Rage & Dustin Hanson
2. Thunder & Lightning vs. Andrew Alexander & Andrew Pendelton III
3. J-Rod vs. Joe Hogan
4. Shawn Tempers vs. Seth Delay
5. Fans Bring The Weapons: Phil Macchio vs. Kornerstone vs. John Rare vs. Dustin McWilliams
6. Barbed Wire Boards: FreakShow vs. Kody Krueger

IWA Deep South DVD October 4, 2008 "2008 Carnage Cup" - Elkmont, AL
This is the 2010 edited version of the show.
1. Barbed Wire Massacre: FreakShow vs. Hellaware Assassin
2. Razor's Edge Death Match: Prophet vs. Mike Levy
3. Devil's Playground Death Match: Spider Boodrow vs. Syko
4. Home Run Derby Death Match: Corey Shaddix vs. Pinkie Sanchez
5. Shopping Cart Of Death: Insane Lane vs. Sam Hane
6. X Marks The Spot Death Match: Danny Havoc vs. Juggulator
7. Fans Bring The Weapons: Nick Gage vs. Devon Moore
8. Ladders & Light Tubes: WHACKS vs. Danny Demanto
9. Hostel Death Match: Corey Shaddix vs. Insane Lane
10. Home & Gardens Death Match: FreakShow vs. Spider Boodrow
11. Ultraviolent Boards Match: Nick Gage vs. Prophet
12. Bundles OF Joy Death Match: Danny Havoc VS. WHACKS
13. No Rope Barbed Wire, Unlimited Light Tube Bundles & Double Table Of Death: Danny Havoc vs. FreakShow vs. Nick Gage vs. Corey Shaddix

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