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Results: Great Championship Wrestling, 10/14/10, from Phenix City, AL


Results: Great Championship Wrestling, 10/14/10, from Phenix City, AL

With the crowd still buzzing from the previous weeks events, which saw a new GCW crowned, and a tragic moment in the life of Micah & Tracy Taylor, the electricity in the building for October 14th was at a fever pitch, and the night would not disappoint.

Jimmy the Kid defeated Logan Lereux . Kid was without his tag team partner Eric Mayne in this match, lending further credibility to the rumor that the two are destined for a split. Lereux tried to dominate Kid with his power advantage, however Kid came back with a series of dropkicks to rock Lereux. Lereux attempted to recover by scooping Jimmy into the burning hammer, however Kid countered into a spike DDT, setting up Lereux in the center of the ring, for Jimmy the Kid's flying elbow off the top rope, to score the 3.

Ric King defeated A.R. Fox., in a fast paced, back and forth battle that showcased both mens ability. Fox turned a cross bodyblock from the second rope into a cutter, driving King down head first. Fox attempted to finish King with a face breaker, however King caught him in mid-move, shoving him off, and catching Fox with a complete shot, for the pin. Afterwards, the GCW Interstate Champion THE BUTCHER attacked King with his chain, bloodying King up by raking the chain across Kings scalp until blood dripped from the forhead of the former champion.

Eric Mayne defeated Marvelous Michael Stevens. Mayne, like his partner earlier, appearing Solo, came to the rescue of a fan at ringside who was being insulted by Marvelous Michael Stevens. Stevens caught Mayne in a boston crab however Mayne was able to break away. Mayne went for a foot to the ribs but got caught, allowing Stevens to snare him in a samoan drop position, however Mayne wriggled free to the back of Stevens, and delivered a lungblower. Mayne went for the reverse tombstone, but Stevens was able to counter into a school boy, only leading to a 2 count. Mayne quickly recovered back to his feet before Stevens, dropping Stevens with a torpedo kick to the head. From there Mayne was able to secure the groggy Marvelous into the reverse piledriver , and attain the victory by pinfall. Following the match, Eric Mayne called out his tag team partner Jimmy the Kid, and addressed the issues that have been going on. Mayne said they have 3 choices: Break up, hate each other , or settle it like men. Mayne challenged Jimmy the Kid to a one on one match , on November 4th. Mayne said the only way their partnership will survive, is if they can settle their differences once and for all. Kid agreed, and the match is set for November 4th at NOVEMBER REIGN.

Gorilla Mac and Micah Taylor went to a no-contest. Micah Taylor was insistant on getting revenge on Mac & Swinger for attacking Tracy the previous week. Micah didn't wait for Mac to get into the ring, attacking him during the entrance, and continueing to pummel him through the match until Johnny Swinger quickly emerged, raking Micah's eyes, and allowing Gorilla Mac & himself to make a quick get away.

Mike Kross defeated Johnny Swinger. Under the impression that Micah Taylor had left, chasing after Gorilla Mac, Swinger gloated and continued to run down the Taylor family. He also addressed the fact he wants a re-match for the GCW Heavyweight Championship, and promised to make short work of anyone tonight, aiming to impress the championship committe. Swinger was as surprised as everyone, as "The Suicidal All Star" Mike Kross emerged from the locker room for the first time since July, and picked up his feud with Swinger right where it left off. Swinger attempted to wear down the lightening quick Mike Kross with a series of lethargic scientific manuevers, but Kross continued to show his determination. Swinger attempted to introduce a chair, however the referee wouldn't allow it, forcing Swinger to switch gears and go for the piledriver. Kross backdrop countered his way out and scored a near fall before the shaken Swinger kicked out. Swinger begged off as Kross unleashed a series of right hands in the corner, leaving the King of Swing once again stunned and ripe for a nearfall. Swinger regained control by using Kross's own momentum against him, driving Kross facefirst into the turnbuckle, and then quickly snatching him into the Sleep time. However, just last last week, Swinger was distracted, this time by his own paranoia. A fan at ringside chanting for Micah Taylor, spooked Swinger, causing him to release the manuever, and seek if Micah was really back. The cocky Swinger concluded the fan was simply full of wishes and dreams, however not before Kross was able to recover, quickly rolling up the mentally distracted Swinger, and scoring a shocking 1,2,3 victory! As Kross celebrated his successful return, Swinger jawwed with the fan, furious that he once again was defeated. Swinger left through the curtain, however quickly returned at fast pace, as Micah Taylor emerged as well, fast on Swingers heals! Micah chased Swinger to the parking lot, where he beat him senseless with the fans cheering on with no mercy for Swinger. Swinger retreated back into the building, but Micah pursued Swinger, and again attacked him amongst the people. With referee's begging Micah to stop, Swinger was able to escape, and upset in the heat of the moment, Micah nailed a referee with a stiff right hand, before continueing his pursuit of Swinger.

GCW Heavyweight Champion Nation was set to defend the GCW Heavyweight Championship against Deathrow, however both Deathrow and David Young came to ringside, insulting the Champion, saying that Nation represents the people, and it was nothing to be proud of, referring to Nation as the "champion of idiots." Nation told Young, if he had a problem, he could handle it right now. Young threw a right hand, but it was caught by the hand of the champion! Young began to back down under the power of Nation, however Deathrow fired a boot to the face of Nation, laying him out. Young and Deathrow beat down the Champion until Bull Buchanan ran to ringside, breaking up the brawl. Bull challenged Young to a one on one match, however Nation, who was quick to recover, said a champion never backs down from a fight, and said if Young & Deathrow wanted some, he'd be more then happy to team with Bull Buchanan.

Deathrow and Young attempted throughout the match to wear down Nation, however the champion kept showing reserve! Nation hit a powerslam on David Young, then made the tag to Buchanan, who cleaned house. Nation, back on his feet, took it to Deathrow at ringside, as Bull Buchanan and David Young hashed things out in the center of the ring. Young however was able to school boy Bull, using his feet on the ropes for momentum, and score the tainted pinfall, as Deathrow and Nation brawled to the back.

GCW returns to Phenix City on Thursday, October 21st, 2010, with more exciting wrestling action! Featuring GCW Heavyweight Champion Nations first title defense, against one of Deathrows leading henchmen, ROB ADONIS. What happens if Rob Adonis defeats Nation for the title, will he simply hand the belt to Deathrow, or will those two men clash on November 4th? Also, The Gym Class Heroes may be on a date with detention on November 4th, but they will team up this Thursday, against the Engines of Chaos, The Butcher & Jake Diamond! Bull Buchanan can't be happy about what transpired this past Thursday, what will he have in store for David Young this week? Plus, Johnny Swinger will be in the house. We know Micah Taylor has been suspended, but will that actually stop him from appearing? Swinger hopes so..

Matches slated for GCW's "NOVEMBER REIGN" on November 4th, 2010, are as follows, thus far:

MAIN EVENT:  For the GCW Heavyweight Championship

Nation vs. Deathrow;


Bull Buchanan vs. David Young;

GCW Interstate Championship Match:

The Butcher vs. "Submission Technician" Ric King;

GYM CLASS DETENTION: Erice Mayne vs. Jimmy the Kid;

Located at 1031-280 Bypass in Phenix City, Alabama, Great Championship Wrestling THUNDERING THURSDAY is the ultimate wrestling experience, family friend, action packed, and always an event to remember, call 334-448-8848 for ticket information now on the next GCW EVENT!

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