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Results: Arena Wrestling, 10/15/10, from Dalton, GA


Results: Arena Wrestling, 10/15/10, from Dalton, GA

- from Arena Wrestling

The opening of the show started out with the Arena Corporate Champion, Wes "OMG" Blaze, and his manager,"The inFamous One" Adam Stevens, coming out for an interview.

Wes starts out by saying that he told everyone that he was going to win the championship last week before he even stepped foot into the ring and he did. That he was going to be a fighting champion and that he was issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back that thinks they can beat him.

Deon Mercers music hits....he gets into the ring while Wes and Mr. Stevens are making fun of him.

1.) Arena Corporate Championship Match:

Wes "OMG" Blaze w/"The inFamous One" Adam Stevens vs. Deon Mercer

Deon beats Wes within 30 seconds. Your new Arena Corporate Champion is Deon Mercer.

But wait a minute, Mr. Stevens grabs a microphone and hands it to Wes. Wes says that he has a rematch clause in his contract and he wanted it right now. After a hard fought battle the winner of the match and still Arena Corporate Champion is Deon Mercer.

2.) Slyar Cross vs. "True Italian Bad Boy" Chad Guiliani vs. Bobby Blaze

All 3 men making their debut with Arena Wrestling. Sylar Cross & Bobby Blaze both attacked Chad for awhile until the butted heads on who was going to pin Chad. That gave Chad is opening and it was very dominate. Sylar hit the claw slam on Mr. Blaze and was going for the pin when Chad stopped the 3-count from happening & ended up hit Mr. Cross with a suplex taka driver to eventually get the 1-2-3.

The winner of the match: "True Italian Bad Boy" Chad Guiliani.

3.) Rymers vs. Psycho Scott & Allstar

The Rymer's & Psycho Scott making their debut. This match went back and forth between both tag-teams but in the end the Rymer's hit a tag-team move on the Allstar to come out with a victory.

The winners of the match: The Rymers

4.) Southern Outlaws (Tim Dixon & Blackjack Miller) vs. Jason Collins & Draco

All members in this match made the debut tonight. Yet another great tag-team match up. Back and forth action throughout the match and thought that Jason & Draco were going to pull the win off but Tim Dixon used their flagpole on Draco.

The winners of the match: The Southern Outlaws.

Arena Ultimate Champion, Jimmy "Ur" Sharp, come to the ring to talk about how he gave "Redneck" Rick Hayes all the opportunity to come wrestle him for the Ultimate Championship but he ended up with 4 flat tires. Oreo comes out and says how does he know that all 4 of his tires were flat? Oren then says that if it wasn't for the "21st Century Superstar" Devin Lee hitting him with brace knuckles last week that he would've been the 1st ever Ultimate Champion and he wanted a match tonight with Jimmy.

20 minute Intermission for the fans could have a meet and greet with "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert and Tommy "Wildfire" Rich.

5.) Skull vs. Jason Collins

Both men making their debuts tonight with this being Jason Collins 2nd match of the night.

Jason hurt his leg in the tag-team match with the Southern Outlaws and Skull went right to work on the left leg throughout the whole match. Jason proved that he had a lot of heart as he took it to Skull as much as he could with that hurt leg. Jason was on a roll and went up to the 2nd rope to go for a sunset flip when all the sudden Skull sat down, hooked a leg and held onto the ropes without the referee seeing it.

The winner of the match: Skull

6.) "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert & Tommy "Wildfire" Rich vs. "21st Century Superstar" Devin Lee & Chief Little Lynn

This reminded me of an old grudge match that had been building up for years as both teams took it to one another. The fists were flying, the legs were dropping and the crowd was totally into it. After fighting back and forth for at least 15 minutes, Doug and Tommy ran Devin and Chief into each other and double school boyed them with the referee counting both men out for the 1-2-3.

The winners of the match: "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert and Tommy "Wildfire" Rich

MAIN EVENT: Arena Ultimate Championship Title Match

7.) Arena Ultimate Champion Jimmy "Ur" Sharp w/Nick The Rat vs. Oreo

This match was setup earlier when Jimmy was doing an interview spot and Oreo come out to make the challenge for the Ultimate Championship. After a grueling match both men going back and forth, of course Jimmy has a little help from his manager, Nick The Rat, Oreo hooked the anaconda vice on the champion. The referee started checking the arm of Mr. Sharp. The arm had already dropped twice and right as it was about to drop for the 3rd time and we crown a new Arena Ultimate Champion, Devin Lee comes out and hits Oreo from behind with the match ending in a disqualification.

The winner of the match: Oreo

Although Oreo won the match the title cannot change hands on a disqualification so still the Arena Ultimate Champion, Jimmy "Ur" Sharp

Ladies and gentlemen that was the show for the night. We would like to thank everyone that came out to support Arena Wrestling. The weather is cooling down but we are keeping it hot with the great wrestling action. You don't want to miss our next show. It will be next Friday, October 22nd, 2010.

Doors open at 6:00pm

Bell time is at 7:30pm

Ticket Prices:

Adults: $5

Kids(6-12): $3

Kids(6 & Under): Free

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