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Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 07/28 and 07/29

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 07/28 and 07/29

- from PCW

Platinum Championship Wrestling at The Masquerade, Atlanta, Ga - 07/2/11:

Tommy Daniels pinned Marko Polo;

The Konkrete Gorillaz (Brian Blaze & Geter) pinned Completely Awesome (Zach Daniels & Zackary Blane);

Mason pinned Sylar Cross;

The Profits of Doom (Dany Only, Stryknyn & Andrew Pendleton III) pinned The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams) and Eric Walker;

The Vandal and Michael Cannon fought to a double-countout;

Kyle Matthews defeated Shane Marx, Vordell Walker and Thomas Johnson in a fatal four-way;

Lee Roypinned Brandon Kage;

In a Last Woman Standing match Pandora defeated Aisha Sunshine;

In a match for the PCW Title, Chip Day beat championGrotesque by disqualification, but Grotesque retained the title;

In a Lights Out match Nemesis and Jay Fury battled to a no-contest;

Platinum Championship Wrestling/Empire Wrestling at The Academy Theater, Avondale Estates, GA - 07/29/11: 

Dany Only pinned Brandon Kage;

Geter beat The Vandal by countout;

Master Jae, Sylar Cross & Don Yoder pinned Warhorse #2, Warhorse #21 & Warhorse #218;

In a handicap match Pandora & Lee Roy pinned Tommy Daniels;

Thomas Johnson pinned Michael Cannon;

Shane Marx & Mason pinned The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams);

The Canadian Sheik pinned Joey Kidman;

PCW Rankings: Champion---Grotesque; 1---Mason; 2---Kyle Matthews; 3---Lee Roy; 4---Chip Day; 5---Pandora; 6---Dany Only; 7---The Vandal; 8---Shane Marx; 9---Jay Fury; 10---Davey Richards

Notes from the shows:

The struggle between the Empire and Platinum Championship Wrestling continue, as the Masquerade show was announced and billed as a PCW show, but the Academy Theater show was an Empire show

Marko Polo and Mr. Eric did, indeed, serve as "Record Breaking" Tommy Daniels' valet at the Academy Theater as per terms of their match at the Masquerade. The Empire made an offer to get the services of Marko Polo and Mr. Eric as valets, but Tommy Daniels refused, and later released Polo and Eric from their valet duties

In three Platinum Classic matches in the first round, Mason and Lee Roy advanced and will face one another on August 5th at the Academy Theater to determine who will get a shot at the PCW title at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two, facing the PCW Champion in a steel cage. Since The Vandal and Michael Cannon were both eliminated in their bout, there will be no need for the 2nd round, where the three losers from the first round face one another, the winner of which serves as a "wild card" of sorts to face one of the winners of the first round match. The Vandal and Brian Blaze are former Platinum Classic winners

As an interesting footnote, when Lee Roy and Mason last faced one another, it was in Lee Roy's speciality match, a kumite match, and Lee Roy won handily, knocking Mason from the ring

PCW Champion Grotesque adds another dq loss to his infamous title reign. Grotesque has been disqualified in every single one of his title defenses. As a "make good" of sorts to the challengers, "Do Or Die" Chip Day will face 3-time NWA Champion Adam Pearce at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two, and "The Revelation" Shane Marx is in contention for the ROH title

Kyle Matthews in a show of great sportsmanship has offered to face "The Revelation" Shane Marx on August 5th to determine who will get a title shot at the ROH title against champion Davey Richards at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two

Timmy McClendon was challenged to a match on August 5th by Kurt Killgore

The Konkrete Gorillaz lead their best-of-five tag team playoff series against Completely Awesome 2-1. They will wrestle the fourth match in the series on August 5th.

Shane Marx and Mason managed to avoid elimination in their best-of-five tag team playoff series by beating the Washington Bullets. The Bullets lead the series 2-1

Stephen Platinum had a busy night on Friday. In addition to attacking a fan for his repeated insults to both Stephen Platinum and PCW, he disguised himself as Grotesque briefly to get close enough to Miss Rachael to get his green jacket back. Stephen Platinum announced that it was still Platinum Championship Wrestling, and that the bell time would return to its 8 p.m. time slot from then on.

Friday night saw Michael Cannon injured by his match with "Spitfire" Thomas Johnson, and the returning Curry Kid, who is now a member of the Empire, and Dwight Power, who is apparently one of the masterminds behind the Empire

Matches confirmed as follows:

Friday, August 5th:

ROH champion Davey Richards will wrestle;

Tony Kozina will wrestle;

Kyle Matthews and "The Revelation" Shane Marx will wrestle for a shot at the ROH title at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two;

The Konkrete Gorillaz and Completely Awesome will wrestle in match four of their best-of-five tag team playoff series;

Mason and Lee Roy will wrestle in the finals of the Platinum Classic to determine who will get a match for the PCW World Title at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two;

Sacred Ground: Chapter Two on Saturday, September 24th:

PCW Champion Grotesque (or whomever is holding the PCW title) will face either Lee Roy or Mason in a cage;

Also in the cage, Nemesis will wrestle Jay Fury;

Also in the cage, Pandora and Aisha Sunshine will wrestle with Daffney serving as guest referee. Interesting side note, PCW has never used a special guest referee before;

ROH Champion Davey Richards (if he is still ROH champion as of Sept. 24th) will face Kyle Matthews or "The Revelation" Shane Marx;

The Tag Team Season Finals will take place, as either the Washington Bullets/Mason-Shane Marx team will face either the Konkrete Gorillaz/Completely Awesome team;

"Spitfire" Thomas Johnson goes one-on-one with "The Shooter" Vordell Walker;

A Platinum Royal will take place, with the winner getting to challenge any of the Champions defending their title at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two;

(photo courtesy of Harold Jay Taylor)

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