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Results: Empire Pro Wrestling Results, 07/02/11, from Rossville, GA


Results: Empire Pro Wrestling Results, 07/02/11, from Rossville, GA

-from EPW

Empire Pro Wrestling Results July 2nd Rossville, GA 

Next Big Card is Saturday July 9th - Belltime 8:00 PM

The show started out with "The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper in
the ring for his major celebration. He said it was a holiday weekend. A
weekend to spend with friends and family, to BBQ and watch fireworks. He
asked everyone to stand for the playing of the National Anthem, however,
the Canadian National Anthem was played. Viper stated he was talking about
the holiday, Canada Day. NWA Chattanooga/Empire Pro Star Micah Hughes then
made his way to the ring and said that no one cares about Canada Day. This
lead to a match between Hughes and Viper.

Micah Hughes defeated Johnny Viper in 7:48 with a roll up after Viper
missed The Final Strike in a very good opening match.

J.C. Kent made his return to Empire Pro Wrestling and asked for Rush to
come to the ring. Kent proceeded to deny that he was The Reaper, and that
Drew Delight did not know what he was talking about when he claimed Kent
was The Reaper. Rush didn't believe Kent.
KT Hamill then hit the ring. He told Rush that if he was a real champion
and a real man, he would put the Empire Heavyweight Title on the line
against him tonight. JC Kent then said if Rush was going to accept the
challenge, that he would be the guest referee to prove to Rush that he can
be trusted. Commissioner Big Doug Griffin came out and made the match
official and set the match for the Main Event of the evening.

Talon Williams defeated Shawn Fire in 9:25.

Empire's fan favorite Ben Thrasher defeated Jerry Anderson of Xtreme
Generation in 10:30 after Thrasher reversed a Sunset Flip. This was a
very hardfought battle as both of these veterans pummeled each other in
this exhausting match.

Jason Hampton of XTreme Generation defeated Matt Fortune in 9:23. A fine
technical match but Hampton took to breaking the rules several times. I
could see a rematch in the near future for these 2 Empire stars.

Cyrus came out ready to take on Drew Delight. Drew, however, had other
plans for Cyrus. Drew said he would not be wrestling tonight but that he
has another opponent for Cyrus. Drew brought out Drake Draven. During the
match, Referee James Patrick was sandwiched between Cyrus and Drake. This
lead to Drew getting into the ring and taking out Cyrus. The plan
backfired as Cyrus hit both Drake and Drew with a vicious Lariat at the
same time. This allowed Cyrus to defeat Drake Draven with his devastating
Baldo Bomb.

The Main Event saw Rush defend the Empire Heavyweight Championship against
K.T. Hamill with J.C. Kent as the special referee. K.T. hit Rush with a
chain behind Kent's back. K.T. then pinned Rush. However, Senior Referee
James Patrick came out before the bell was rang and said that K.T. used a
chain and restarted the match. As Kent was talking with Ref James Patrick,
Rush came up behind Kent to turn him around. Kent thought it was K.T. and
elbowed Rush. This allowed K.T. Hamill to roll up Rush for the win. Your
winner and NEW Empire Heavyweight Champion: K.T. HAMILL!!!!

Next Saturday's card will be highly anticipated as K.T. Hamill will now be
the man with the Bullseye on his back, holding the Empire Championship
Belt. I can see Big Ben Thasher, Drew Delight, J.C. Kent, Cyrus and of
course Rush, not resting until they each granted a match with K.T.
Hamill. How long will K.T. hold the Belt?

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