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Results: Rampage Pro Wrestling, 07/10/11, from Warner Robins, GA


Results: Rampage Pro Wrestling, 07/10/11, from Warner Robins, GA

- from Daniel Lumm


Ben Masters got on the microphone and informed the live crowd that the Teletron would be used today to show Doc's announcements for Sizzlin' Summer Bash since he was away with other duties. He stated that this way the fans of the audience would be the first to know since it will be shown before the televised event and this way they'll get the information "before the Kyd".

AJ Steele came out for an autograph signing after Masters finished. He ended up walking around the front row and was speaking with someone when Hot Like Lava attacked him. Murder One came to his aid soon after and a huge brawl broke out, prompting referees and eventually the entire roster (out of character, seemingly) to come out to break up the fight. They seemed pretty bent on fighting each other, often looking for ways to get around the people trying to break them up.

Ben Masters came back out to hype the crowd like what he's well-known to the RPW crowd for. He then informed us that the show will be kicked off by a loyal fan by the name of Ricky Taylor (correct my spelling if it's wrong please). Ricky was given the microphone and started the event off with the introduction to Miss Allie.

Getting Down to Business

Miss Allie gets in the ring and tells the fans that Doc Gayton has an announcement to make before the action gets underway. The teletron flashed from the traditional camera angle of the ring to a recording of Doc Gayton sitting at his desk to cut a promo. Doc informed the fans that his reason for returning after Rob Adonis ended his career was the amount of carnage that ensued with Sal Rinauro joining Jimmy Rave and how the "Inmates were running the Asylum". He then announced that Kyle Matthews will go One on One with Jimmy Rave at this year's Sizzlin' Summer Bash, The Usual Suspects will get a shot at Hot Like Lava's Tag Team Titles, and that Jeremy Vain will be defending his Television Title. He then finishes his promo by stating that since the 4-Way Elimination Match was so successful for last year's Sizzlin' Summer Bash, that another one would be held this year under Rampage Rules (similar to Luchador Tag Rules). With that the teletron reverted to the usual camera centered on the ring and the referee started his way to the ring.

Anthony Andrews vs Lance Christian

Referee: Stan Robinson

Andrews starts with numerous failed grapple attempts over Lance. Lance ended up holding control of the match for about two solid minutes until Andrews took control and locked in a Chin Lock after he failed to gain a pinfall. Andrews then started using an arsenal of illegal choke holds promoting the referee to make numerous counts against him. Shortly after another Chin Lock, Lance regains control at about the 5 minute mark just for Andrews to quickly regain the upper hand. The match continues with Andrews using various choke holds and slams with Lance occasionally getting a short-lived advantage. Lance gains advantage again about 7 and a half minutes in with some kicks followed by a slam. After a failed pin attempt by Lance, Andrews grabs his trophy and aims to hit Lance. Lance grabs the trophy from Andrews, prompting Referee Stan Robinson to take it from him. During this time, Andrews takes advantage by quickly rolling up Lance for the 3-Count. After the match Andrews went celebrating and antagonized the security guard, Chris Jacobs, until he started to chase Andrews around and through the ring. "Marvelous" Michael Stevens rushed out to get Jacobs under control.

Result: Anthony Andrews wins via Pinfall at 8:42

Corey Hollis vs Jimmy Da Kid

Referee: Dustin Robinson

This match started very technical with both competitors continuously attempting holds on one another while countering the holds of the other. Jimmy ends up getting the upper hand with a standing Wrist Lock and ends up landing an Arm Drag on Hollis. Hollis comes back with a Suplex, but Jimmy quickly recovers and hits a Drop Kick on Hollis, resulting in him ending up outside of the ring. When Jimmy goes to chase, Hollis regains control and holds him down with sitting Surfboard Stretch for a bit, followed by a pin attempt. Hollis continues with more holds and pin attempts. Jimmy escapes and runs to the ropes. He goes to spring board off the ropes but Hollis quickly catches him and pulls him back into a Double-Knee Backbreaker. Right when it seems Jimmy could possibly get a breather to recover, Chip Day comes in and attacks Jimmy, prompting a Disqualification. “Marvelous” Michael Stevens makes the save and the two Approved members retreat to the back.

Result: Jimmy Da Kid wins via Disqualification at 5:39

Cash Vault (Bobby Moore / Rob Adonis) w/ Charlie Cash vs J-Rod / Bull Buchanon

Referee: Stan Robinson

Adonis and Buchanon start the match off. Adonis takes control early on. While Adonis is running off the ropes, Bull makes a Leap-Frog over him and lands hard on his injured knee. Bull takes over with a punch and headbutt to Adonis, and when Adonis lands a knee Bull quickly pushes him out of the ring. Adonis locks in a wrist lock and Bull pulls his leg to force him to release it. Bull locks in a somewhat unfamiliar submission that works Adonis’s leg, back, and neck. The action carries to the outside. Bull goes to vault over the top rope and ends up putting too much strain on his knee, causing him to collapse. Moore and J-Rod rush into the ring, with J-Rod and Bull ending up controlling the ring as Adonis and Moore are both forced to the floor. They both get back up to the ring and Moore tags in and J-Rod steps back out of the ring. Moore works down Buchanon’s knee. Buchanon comes back and slams Moore and quickly goes to tag in J-Rod. J-Rod controls with kicks and slams before tagging Bull back in. Bull throws Moore out of the ring and J-Rod, while the Referee isn’t paying attention, attacks Moore and throws him back into the ring. J-Rod tags in and Moore quickly drags him back to Cash’s corner and Adonis tags in. J-Rod tags Bull back in and they both work down Adonis for a bit. Adonis lands an elbow to Bull then goes to the top rope, where Bull quickly chases and suplexes him back into the ring from the turnbuckle. J-Rod tags in and continues to work down Adonis, and Moore eventually gets tagged in and he takes control over J-Rod. They begin exchanging blows and Moore ends up in a neutral corner where J-Rod hits Moore with a double-knee, and Adonis rushes to the corner and Clotheslines J-Rod back into the ring, then is tagged in by Moore. Adonis attempts a pin, but Bull makes the save. The ref focuses on getting Buchanon out of the ring and back into his corner as Moore illegally enters the ring and switches places with Adonis, claiming they made a tag. Moore and Adonis exchange a couple of tags while wearing J-Rod down. J-Rod gains control over Moore with a German Suplex after a pin attempt by Moore. Adonis tags in and Bull receives the Hot Tag and starts taking on both members of Cash Vault. Bull makes a pin attempt that is broken up by Moore. Rob slides out of the ring and J-Rod rushes at him with a Vaulting Leg Scissors. Bull takes Moore down while Adonis finally gets away from J-Rod. Adonis comes behind bull and chops his knee and makes a successful pin.

at 15:26Result: Cash Vault wins via Pinfall

More Brawling:

As soon as the pin was made, The Usual Suspects and Hot Like Lava appear from the fan entrance brawling again. Jimmy Da Kid, “Marvelous” Michael Stevens, Anthony Andrews, Kyle Matthews, and Chris Taylow all come out to break up the action again. Suspects get in the ring and their music plays as Hot Like Lava leaves.

NWA Rampage Professional Wrestling Television Championship Match

Jeremy Vain (C) w/ Doug Somers vs Frankie Valentine

Referee: Dustin Robinson

The match starts abruptly as Valentine attacks Vain before he even took off the Title belt. Frankie stalks and attacks Vain and even head-bumps Vain and Somers. Pin attempts made by Valeninte. Frankie locks in a Wrist Lock and forces Vain to the mat. Vain briefly fights back with fists, but is taken back down by Frankie and whipped into the corner. Referee Dustin goes to pull Frankie off of Jeremy Vain when Vain uses this distraction to land a blind Low Blow and makes a pin attempt. Vain chokes Valentine, who briefly makes it to his feet to fight back and subsequently is taken back down by Vain. Frankie Valentine starts bleeding from his nose and when Referee Dustin goes to check Vain tells him “I want him to bleed” and he goes to continue working down Valentine. Frankie makes a surprise comeback with a quick Side Russian Leg Sweep into a pin attempt. Vain regains control and then they both start exchanging blows. Valentine takes over and makes a pin attempt. Vain tries to regain control but Valentine counters into another pin attempt. After kicking out, Vain went to the edge of the ring and Valentine went for a jumping take down. Vain grabbed the ropes, forcing Valentine to take the full affect alone and then Vain quickly makes an illegal pin using the ropes. The ref counts to 3 but then sees Vain was using the ropes and said the match will continue. Somers immediately attacked Valentine forcing a Disqualification.

Result: Frankie Valentine wins via Disqualification at 9:23

A Birthday and Doc’s Present to the Fans

Miss Allie entered the ring and announced that it was Ricky Taylor’s birthday (the fan given the privilege to kick off the show). She then goes on to say that Doc Gayton had more to say regardling Sizzlin’ Summer Bash for July 24th. The Teletron then goes to Doc Gayton. Doc starts by stating the NWA Rampage Heavyweight Title will be on the line in the 4-Way Elimination Match at Sizzlin’ Summer Bash, announcing J-Rod, Rob Adonis, and the returning Luke Gallows as the opponents for Bull Buchanon’s belt. Doc then goes on explaining that Usual Suspects only relinquished the NWA Rampage Tag Titles because of the rules of NWA stating that holding a higher tier belt (Suspects had just won the NWA World Tag Team Titles) they must relinquish the lower tier belts so other competitors have a fair chance to climb the ladder. He went on to say that the Tag Tournament that Sal Rinauro held ended up a disaster. Doc then re-states his comment from earlier about Suspects finally getting a fair shot at the titles at Sizzlin’ Summer Bash, but with a twist to it. He announces that there will actually be a second 4-Way Match for the Tag Team Titles. The teams to participate are The Usual Suspects, Jimmy Rave and Sal Rinauro, and Kyle Matthews and a partner of his choosing (since Frankie Valentine has a TV Title Match). When the Teletron reverts to the normal camera Bill Behrens gets a microphone to announce that Doc adds that if Valentine wins his match at Sizzlin’ Summer Bash, he will also be awarded five minutes alone in the ring with Doug Somers.

The Dismay of Champions

Hot Like Lava enter the ring for a promo. Cru goes to talk about how boring Doc’s promos are and says “Ben Stein wants his personality back” to add to it. He then goes on to complain about how they are now forced to defend their titles against 3 different teams at once. Murder One’s voice interrupts him and the Usual Suspects appear at ringside. Murder goes on to say that he doesn’t care how many teams are involved in the match, as their only goal is to take out Hot Like Lava and that regardless of who else is there they will take the titles. He then goes on to say that instead of just waiting for Sizzlin’ Summer Bash they should start it now. AJ Steele rushes into the ring and Cru tries to calm him down saying that if the fans want, Hot Like Lava would be willing to put their titles on the line right there and start a match. When the fans show their approval to the idea, Cru calls out a referee and orders a match to start.

NWA Rampage Professional Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match

Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones / Shaun Banks) (C) vs The Usual Suspects (Murder One / AJ Steele)

Referee: Stan Robinson

Shaun Banks and Murder start the match. As soon as the bell rings, both members of Hot Like Lava run from the ring with the intention of taking another Count Out as they did the last time they offered a title match to Suspects. Suspects chased after them and Referee Stan also left the ring. The match literally ended in a No Contest in less time than it took for the Referee to come out to the ring when ordered by Cru.

Result: No Contest, Hot Like Lava remain the Tag Team Champions

Jimmy Rave Approved (Chip Day / Corey Hollis) w/ Jimmy Rave vs “Marvelous” Michael Stevens / Jimmy Da Kid

Referee: Stan Robinson

Marv and Day start the match off. A worthy note is it seemed like Chip Day was actually wearing Jimmy Rave’s wrestling attire for this match. After a brief time Hollis tags in an locks in an Arm Bar. Marv reverses but Hollis ends up catching him with a Fireman Carry. Hollis then proceeds to wear down Marv. Marv gains control and tags in Jimmy. Hollis throws the Kid out of the ring, where Rave attacks him. Referee Stan Robinson orders Rave to leave ringside to the dismay of his Approved team. Hollis tags in Chip Day. After landing some kicks, Day makes a pin attempt. Hollis is tagged back in. Hollis locks in a sitting Surfboard Stretch and eventually makes a pin attempt. After a bit of tagging back and forth with the Approved team, Hollis lands a kitchen sink right after Kid tries to gain the upper hand and then sets him up in a Tree of Woe. A tag to Day is made and both him and Hollis double team Kid while he’s hanging on the turnbuckle. More back and forth tags between the two and some pin attempts in between. Day got tagged in and Marv was finally hot tagged in. Marv makes a pin attempt but it was broken by Hollis. Kid tags in and rolls up Day surprisingly fast. Marv quickly grabs Hollis and pulls him to the edge of the ring until the referee makes the 3 count.

Result: “Marvelous” Michael Stevens and Jimmy Da Kid win via Pinfall (Kid pins Chip Day) at 9:06

Sal Rinauro w/ Jimmy Rave vs Kyle Matthews

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Before the match starts, Dustin Robinson tells Jimmy Rave that he has to leave ringside. Sal seems to be wearing a red variation of Jimmy Rave’s ring attire. After Jimmy was banned from ringside, Sal made it a point to avoid Matthews by leaving the ring and trying to stay as far from him as possible. After finally getting back into the ring the match officially starts, at which time Sal went back to his duck and dodge tactics for over a minute. After a short grapple attempt by Sal, he goes to run off but Matthews catches him and takes control of the match. Kyle makes a pin attempt. Sal takes over and kicks Matthews out of the ring and complains that the referee wasn’t making the ring-out count fast enough. Sal continues controlling the match with Matthews making some small recoveries from time to time. Sal locks in a Boston Crab, but ends up lowing it to the mat and lets go of one of the legs. Matthews rope breaks and Sal just starts wearing him down more and follows with a pin attempt. Matthews, again, briefly takes control until Sal hits him with the Kitchen Sink. Matthews then gains the advantage and holds it and the fans get behind him. He goes to the top and lands a Frog Splash and makes a pin attempt. Sal makes a counter with a spring board back kick. They both end up on the same turnbuckle exchanging blows where Matthews lands a flying Neckbreaker from the top rope. Both competitors remain lying on the mat until the ref reaches a count of 7. Matthews makes a pin attempt. Sal makes an attempt to pin but it’s countered by Matthews into a pin attempt of his own. Matthews went to lock in a submission when Jimmy Rave and his Approved came out and attacked him, prompting a Disqualification. Rave started talking to Matthews on the mic as his Approved continued their assault, and went on to say that if he was good enough he could have made all the friends from Approved but instead has none. At that point Ace Rockwell, the NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion, shows up to Kyle’s aid. Rave attempts to talk Rockwell into joining his Approved group, but instead he continues to assist Matthews and they clear the ring of the Approved members. It is then announced that Ace Rockwell will be Kyle’s partner at Sizzlin’ Summer Bash.

Result: Kyle Matthews wins via Disqualification at 14:07

Sizzlin’ Summer Bash: What’s in Store

*Singles Match

Chris Jacobs vs Anthony Andrews

*6-Man Tag Team Match

Jimmy Rave Approved (Hollis, Day, Posey) vs “Marvelous” Michael Stevens / Drew Adler / Jimmy Da Kid

*NWA Rampage Television Title

Jeremy Vain (C) vs Frankie Valentine

--- If Valentine wins, he gets 5 minutes alone with Somers in the ring

*4-Way Rampage Elimination Match for the NWA Rampage Heavyweight Title

Bull Buchanan (C) vs J-Rod vs Rob Adonis vs Luke Gallows

*4-Way Elimination Tag Match for NWA Rampage Tag Team Titles

Hot Like Lava (C) vs Usual Suspects vs Sal Rinauro/Jimmy Rave vs Kyle Matthews/Ace Rockwell

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