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Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 07/24/11, from Warner Robins, GA

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling
, 07/24/11, from Warner Robins, GA

- from Daniel Lumm

“Undefeated” Anthony Andrews vs Officer Chris Jacobs

Referee: Danny Star

Andrews starts the match off with some trash talking, often referring to their match as “Wrestler vs Cop” and continuously hinting that he as the “wrestler” is better. When realizing at the beginning of the match that Marv, who accompanied Jacobs to the ring and promptly left at the start of the match, placed at the entrance ramp he left the ring to return it to the corner where he’s always had it during the matches. Andrews utilizes a Wrist Lock and transitions into a Drop Toe Hold. He locks in a Chin Lock but Jacobs gets out and the crowd gets excited. Since Andrews and Jacobs have been on very edgy terms the crowd was heavily pleased to finally see Jacobs get in the ring for his chance to take down the self proclaimed “winner” once and for all. Jacobs ends up locking in his own Wrist Lock and, like Andres, transitions into a Drop Toe Hold. After a bit of scuffling Andrews leaves the ring. When Jacobs goes to chase, Andrews pulls him out by his feet and takes advantage. When they get back in the ring Andrews locks in an interesting submission where he stretched the arm and leg of Jacobs while keeping his knee dug into the police officer’s ribs (still trying to get down some move names). Pin attempt by Andrews. After kicking out Andrews works Jacobs down a little more, lands a Suplex, and makes another pin attempt. Andrews then gets Chris in a Chin Lock and the crowd starts chanting for Chris to make a comeback. Andrews makes another pin attempt. Chris is taken into the corner and Andrews chokes him with his boot and breaks promptly before the ref counts to 5. Another Chin Lock by Andrews, though Chris tries fighting back only to get hit with a German Suplex. Pin attempt by Andrews. Andrews goes to the top rope and attempts a Leg Drop, but Jacobs moves out of the way to the crowd’s delight. Jacobs hits Andrews a couple of times then slams him. Jacobs turns to acknowledge the crowd but for a bit too long as Andrews managed to roll him up, tights in hand, and make the 3 count.

Result: Anthony Andrews wins via Pin Fall at 7:26

“Hit for Hire” Bobby Moore (w/ Charlie Cash) vs Drew Adler

Referee: Danny Starr

When making his entrance, Moore receives a “Barney” chant for wearing purple tights and is even show a sign from a crowd member with his head pasted on the body of the purple dinosaur. Drew Adler comes out to a very pleased crowd as he’s been absent from the last two events. As Cash left the ring, Adler was weary and watch but as a result Moore started the match by attacking him from behind. Drews comes back and slams Moore followed by a Senton. Pin attempt by Adler. Moore gains momentum and gets Adler on the ropes for an illegal choke and breaks before the 5. Drew, again, takes control this time with a Spring Boards Cross Body. Moore leaves the ring and pulls Adler’s feet to get him out. Once back in the ring, Moore makes a pin attempt. The crowd starts a loud “Barney’s a Cheater” chant and it continues through much of the match when Moore gains control. Moore chokes Adler in the corner, breaking before getting disqualified, and throws Drew out of the ring. Once back in Moore makes another pin attempt. Adler makes a brief comeback and rolls up Moore for a pin attempt. Moore regains control. Adler continues to gain brief advantages followed by Moore quickly taking back control of the match. Another pin attempt by Moore, followed with a slam. Adler gets on the ropes and Moore attempts to stop him, but Adler fights back and sends Moore back into the ring. Adler follows with some blows and the crowd gets behind him. Pin attempt by Drew Adler. Adler gets Moore in the corner and delivers a boot. When trying to follow up Moore counters. Moore makes a pin attempt and when Drew kicks out he locks in a Crossface. “Let’s Go Drew” chants start. Drew manages to get a rope break on the Crossface which prompts Moore to start arguing with the ref. Adler gets to his feet and Moore rushes him, only to receive a kick from the fan favorite. Moore tries to fight but is countered with a roll up by Adler, which he kicked out. Moore manages to lock in a Sleeper Hold but Drew counters. Drew attempts a pin but Cash, unknowing to the referee, put Moore’s foot on the rope. Drew leaves the ring to pursue Cash but Moore catches him from behind. Drew quickly comes back and lays out Moore on the outside and quickly gets back in the ring. Upon Moore’s recovery, Adler rushes at him with a Suicide Dive. Drew, seemingly feeding off the support of the crowd, goes back up to the apron and starts climbing the turnbuckle, only to be caught by Moore. Adler fights back and gets Moore in the ring. Adler jumps and Moore evades, but Adler still lands on his feet and rolls up the Cash Vault member. Moore kicks out and hits Adler with a running boot and gets the pin.

Result: Bobby Moore wins via Pin Fall at 9:48

NWA Rampage Heavyweight Title Match

4 Corners Elimination Match with Rampage Rules

Rob Adonis vs Luke Gallows vs J-Rod vs Bull Buchanon (C)

Referee: Dustin Robinson

During the entrances, some of the crowd members though it would be a funny joke to start chanting “Festus” for Luke Gallows. Gallows seemed confused as to why they would cheer for his poorly thought out character in WWE but after about a minute of it he briefly started doing some of the classic face expressions of the man made by biscuits and gravy. Bull attacks Adonis prompting the remaining two competitors to exit when the bell rings. Bull and Adonis quickly carry to the outside leading to J-Rod and Gallows to enter as the legal men. Pin attempt by Gallows. J-Rod exits the ring and Adonis enters. Gallows takes Adonis down a couple of times followed by pin attempts. Leg Drop leading into another pin attempt by Gallows. Adonis exits the ring and J-Rod enters, wearing down Gallows a bit. Pin attempt by J-Rod, but after kicking out Gallows takes advantage and hits J-Rod with a Double Underhook Suplex. J-Rod exits and Bull enters. Bull and Gallows fight their way out of the ring prompting both Adonis and J-Rod to enter. Bull and Adonis end up fighting into the crowd. Adonis is thrown out and gets involved in the fight between Bull and Adonis. J-Rod goes to the top rope and hits all three of them with a Cross Body and the crowd gets loud with various chants. J-rod gets back in the ring, and shortly after Adonis joins him while Gallows, in anger, throws a chair into the ring. The Referee Dustin quickly gets rid of the chair while J-Rod and Adonis go at it while Bull and Gallows continue outside the ring. Pin attempt by J-Rod. Eventually everyone ends up back outside of the ring. Buchanon and Gallows end up on some sort of platform where Gallows is thrown off. Bull and J-Rod enter the ring and go at it briefly. Adonis illegally enters the ring with a chop to Bull’s bad knee and Gallows exits for him. Pin attempt by Adonis. After exchanging some blows with and eventually slamming Bull, Adonis makes another pin attempt. Gallows goes after J-Rod on the outside. Adonis exits and Gallows enters. Bull and Gallows exchange blows and Bull attempts a knee but fails and ends up further injuring himself. Pin attempt by Gallows, when Bull kicks out Gallows takes him to the ropes and starts choking him. Bull manages to get Gallows out of the ring but Adonis got in before Bull had any time to recover. Pin attempt by Adonis. With J-Rod’s help, Bull is taken out of the ring and J-Rod enters. After Adonis takes J-Rod down, J-Rod exits and Bull gets back in. Bull manages to land an Enziguri on Adonis. Jimmy Rave and his Approved group all appear at the entrance ramp. Both Bull and Adonis exit the ring and Gallows and J-Rod enter. J-Rod notices Jimmy Rave Approved and continues watching them as they taunt him for refusing their invitation to the group. During the distraction, Gallows lands his Double Choke Bomb on J-Rod and pins him for the first elimination. During a brief scuffle Adonis lands a Spine Buster on Gallows and pins him for the second elimination. Bull comes in and after being thrown into the corner by Adonis, Adonis show boats for a bit and Bull rushes him with a surprise Lariat and gets the last pin fall.

Results: Luke Gallows pinned J-Rod at 13:39

Rob Adonis pinned Luke Gallows at 14:21

Bull Buchanon pinned Rob Adonis at 15:41

Buchanon Retains the NWA Rampage Heavyweight TitleBull

6-Man Tag Team Match

Chip Day, Corey Hollis, Mike Posey vs Caleb Konley, Cedric Alexander, Jimmy the Kid

Referee: Stan Robinson

Alexander and Posey start the match. This particular match was very fast paced and therefore hard to keep up with on paper. Posey and Alexander started with a series of technical holds and continued to reverse each other very quickly. Jimmy and Hollis tag in and it’s a bit of the same, this time followed by a pin attempt by Hollis. Konley and Day tag in. Konley sweeps Chip Day’s let and hits him with a splash followed by a pin attempt. Alexander tags in and he starts working down Chip. Jimmy tags in and Chip gains the upper hand. Hollis tags in after Chip delivers a kick. Jimmy hits a Leg Scissors and a pin attempt. Posey gets tagged in and the Approved group all get in the ring and the ref loses control as they gang up on Jimmy. Posey makes a pin attempt and, after briefly working down Jimmy afterwards, tags in Chip Day. Some double teaming during the tag transition and Chip attempts a pin. Jimmy briefly fights back but Chip keeps control and tags in Hollis, which leads to more triple teaming from the Approved group. Hollis lands a Swinging Neckbreaker and makes another pin attempt. Posey tags in and there’s even more triple teaming. Posey locks in a submission and transitions into another pin attempt. Eventually Alexander is hot tagged and Hollis enters at the same time. Everyone enters the ring except Jimmy the Kid and Konley and Alexander gain control by clearing the Approved members to the outside. Everyone ends up back in the ring. Jimmy the Kid blind tags but is still taken by the numbers game the Approved group has been playing. Pin attempt by Hollis followed by another scuffle during which Konley was tagging in. Everyone starts storming the ring again. Konley and Alexander get Chip and Hollis out of the ring. Posey is planted and thrown out by Alexander. Hollis enters and charges at Alexander but Konley gets in the way and meets Hollis with a kick. Alexander puts Hollis on his shoulders while Konley goes up to and hits the defenseless Approved member with a Sunset Flip and gets the pin for the victory. This match has to be seen to be believed. I couldn’t keep up with anything going on and I honestly found this harder to keep track of then the 4-Corners matches.

Result: Konley, Alexander, Jimmy The Kid win via Pin Fall (Konley pinned Hollis) at 12:11

NWA Rampage Television Title Match

Frankie Valentine vs Jeremy Vain (C)(w/ Doug Somers)

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match opened with “Frankie” chants from the crowd. Vain starts with the advantage but Frankie quickly shifts the momentum in his favor by throwing Vain out of the ring. Frankie chases Vain out and starts wearing him down with a series of blows. Vain comes back with an elbow but Valentine quickly takes control back. Frankie goes up the turnbuckle and lands a Senton to Vain on the outside. They both get back in the ring. Valentine hits an Atomic Drop on Vain and slams him into the turnbuckle. After pulling Vain back into the center, Valentine is kicked into the corner where, while Vain distracted the ref, Somers got a good shot off him. Pin attempt by Vain. Valentine briefly fights back but Vain lands a Clothesline and makes another pin attempt. After wearing Valentine down with an Arm Bar, Vain start hitting Valentine’s arm with his knees and makes some more pin attempts. Vain chokes Valentine on the ropes and breaks at 4. Vain hooks Valentine’s arm for a Body Slam and follows up with another pin attempt. Vain locks in an Abdominal Stretch and the crowd starts up with more “Frankie” chants. Valentine, again, fights back but is stopped by a knee from Vain and another pin attempt. Right hand by Vain leading into a rope choke broken early. After a pin attempt by Vain, he begins stretching Valentine’s arm on the bottom rope and breaks at 4. Valentine comes back with a series of kicks but Vain, again, quickly regains control by booting Valentine. Pin attempt by Vain followed by a sitting Arm Bar. Valentine fights out and manages a pin attempt. Vain comes back with another submission working Valentine’s arm. Valentine continuously tries to escape and eventually succeeds by getting to his feet and, kicking off the turnbuckle, back flips and overcomes Vain’s leverage. Valentine lands some blows and makes a pin attempt. Some more action and another pin attempt by Valentine but Doug Somers gets on the apron and the referee focuses on getting the “Pretty Boy” back down to the floor. Vain attempts a comeback that is quickly stopped by Valentine when suddenly the bell rings and it is announced that the match’s 15 minute time limit has expired.

Result: Time Limit Draw at 15 Minutes

Jeremy Vain retains NWA Rampage Television Title

Words From the Doc

Miss Allie enters the ring and introduces Doc Gayton to a very happy crowd. Doc enters the ring talking about how he doesn’t want to spend too much time before watching Cru get beat in his upcoming match. He tells the crowd that he has exciting news. Apparently, NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling is now Fox’s #2 program on Saturday mornings in Georgia. This shows that NWA Rampage is indeed getting bigger and is spreading fast.

Next he starts talking about the card for August 7th which will include 3 more well-known NWA stars. First he spoke of former 3-time NWA World Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce and is followed by a short video promo from Pearce (can be viewed on NWA Rampage’s homepage). Adam Pearce’s match has yet to be announced.

He then goes on to talk about another former NWA World Champion, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana followed by a recorded promo of his own. Doc then announced that in light of the match that just took place, Cabana would be taking on NWA Rampage TV Champion Jeremy Vain (non-title) and since Somers would be in the corner of Vain, Valentine would be in Cabana’s corner. If Cabana wins this match, Valentine will be given another NWA TV Title match with Jeremy Vain, this time with no time limit.

Last Doc spoke about how Jimmy Rave and CM Punk had a good rivalry going in ROH at one point. He said that another good rivalry Rave had was with Davey Richards. He said that he wanted to light sparks from that rivalry on August 7th and stated that Jimmy Rave will go One on One with Davey Richards.

He leaves re-stating that he hopes there will be new Tag Team Champions after when the next match is over.

NWA Rampage Tag Team Title Match

4-Corners Tag Team Match with Rampage Rules

Jimmy Rave, Sal Rinauro vs Kyle Matthews, Ace Rockwell vs The Usual Supects vs Hot Like Lava (C)

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Jimmy Rave Approved and Hot Like Lava leave the ring, which puts the other two teams as the first competitors. Kyle and AJ Steele start the match off. AJ is quickly replaced by Sal Rinauro. Pin attempt by Sal. Kyle takes advantage and tags in Rockwell. Sal tags in Rave while Hot Like Lava paces outside of the ring. After exchanging chops with Rockwell, Rave exits the ring. Rockwell quickly starts looking at everyone to see who enters, but Rave ends up being the one to return to the ring. Wrist Lock by Ace and he tags in Murder One. Murder starts working down Rave’s arm. Murder tags in his partner, and AJ Steele slams Rave hard on the mat. Instead of leaving the ring, Rave looks for someone he can tag in but nobody extends their arm. Murder One tags back in. Rave knees Murder and quickly tags in Sal. Sal works down Murder One and makes a pin attempt. Murder comes back and slams Sal following up with a pin attempt of his own. AJ tags in and Front Suplexes Sal. Sal exits the ring and Shaun Banks comes in, making it the first action the champs made in the match. Once AJ gains control, Banks exits and Rave enters. AJ lands a Belly to Belly and gets Rave into the corner where Murder One is waiting. Another Belly to Belly followed by a pin attempt by AJ Steele. AJ tags in Matthews and Rave rolls out of the ring prompting Sal to enter the fray. Matthews keeps control but Sal manages to get him out of the ropes, where Rave comes up and Side Slams him down on the apron. Rave and Matthews enter the ring and Sal exits. Rave attempts a pin and follows up with a Chin Lock. After being slammed by Rave, Matthews rolls out and Rockwell enters. Rave and Sal double team on Rockwell and keep control. Pin attempt made by Rave, followed by Rave exiting and Sal entering for a pin attempt of his own. Rave and Matthews enter the ring illegally. Matthews locks Sal into a submission while Rockwell locks Rave into one of his own. Even though illegal men were in the ring and were mismatched in the submission, the referee declared the Jimmy Rave Approved members eliminated when they both ended up tapping out. Kyle remained in the ring and Rockwell exited, AJ stepped in to replace the eliminated Approved members. Kyle starts with a series of chops and tags in Ace. Ace gets a sitting Chin Lock on Steele and eventually wraps his legs around for additional leverage. AJ rolls and after getting to a vertical base, rams Rockwell into a turnbuckle. Kyle enters and Cru tags himself in shortly after to replace him. Cru works down AJ for a short bit but once AJ gains control Cru exits the ring, strongly annoying both of the Suspects. Kyle enters and starts working down AJ with Ace as they continued tagging each other in. AJ eventually gets to a point where he fights back and Kyle exits. Cru enters and attacks him from behind. AJ gains control again and makes a pin attempt over Cru. Cru exits and Matthews enters. Matthews locks in an Arm Bar. Cru tags in, antagonizes Murder into entering illegally, and Hot Like Lava gangs up on AJ while the referee is distracted with Murder One. Banks stays in and Cru exits. Banks and Jones tag back and forth to stay fresh while wearing down Steele. Cru gets slammed but Banks takes advantage as Cru rolls out. Banks tags in Matthews, who works down Steele briefly before tagging back in Banks. AJ takes Banks down and works his way back to his own corner. Just as Murder One is finally tagged in, Cru pulls Banks out of the ring with Murder looking on in anger. Matthews enters the ring. Things get hectic and the referee gets distracted with a brawl going on outside. Murder drops Matthews and goes for a pin while the ref isn’t looking. Cru comes in and hits Murder with the belt and pulls Matthews over him just as the referee gets back into the match. The ref counts the pinfall and Suspects are eliminated. Cru enters quickly for a pin attempt but Matthews kicks out. Cru works Matthews down a bit but is eventually thrown out of the ring. Kyle starts crawling to his partner for the tag as Banks looks on. Cru gets to Rockwell first and pulls him off the apron, and at that time Banks rushes into the ring to attack Matthews. After being worn down more by Banks, Kyle manages to take control and hot tags Ace Rockwell as Cru tags in. Matthews takes Cru out of the ring while Rockwell whirls Banks and locks in a Sharpshooter. Cru gains advantage briefly outside and comes in to break the hold. Matthews gets on the turnbuckle and lands a Cross Body. When attempting to do it a second time, Banks avoids it and Cru catches him. Cru throws Matthews to Banks, who lands a Cutter and makes the pin to retain the titles. During the celebration, the Usual Suspects come in and attack Hot Like Lava and steal the title belts. The event ends with Suspects keeping the titles from Hot Like Lava and eventually walking with them as if they were just won in the match.

Results: Kyle Matthews eliminates Sal Rinauro (Jimmy Rave Approved) via Submission at 12:02

Kyle Matthews eliminates Murder One (Usual Suspects) via Pin Fall at 19:52

Shaun Banks eliminates Kyle Matthews (w/ Ace Rockwell) via Pin Fall at 24:06

Hot Like Lava retains the NWA Rampage Tag Team Titles

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