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Results: TWA Action Zone, 02/25/12, from Dalton, GA

Results: TWA Action Zone, 02/25/12, from Dalton, GA

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In the opening match “Simply Amazing” Alex Summers took on the high flying rookie Ricochet. Ricochet made a great showing for himself but in the end was out powered and over matched by Alex Summers. Alex finished him off with a power bomb out of the corner.

The second match of the night was an Action Zone Showcase, taking a wrestler from a stable, a tag team, a singles wrestler, and a rising star and putting them all in one match. In this elimination style match “The Future” Will Force out lasted “The One” Joey Idol, Da Bill and Tiffany to become the winner of the first ever Action Zone Showcase Match.

Third Match of the night saw HCP 2.0(John Arden & Dustin Famous)take on the new tag team of James Eden and Dakota Outlaw #1 in a non title match. In the end James and Outlaw defeated the current tag team champions. After the match Honor and Respect jumped both teams setting up a triple threat tag team title match this week.

Fourth Match saw “Lion Heart” Ray Fury taking on “The Upgrade” Mikey Watkins. During the match “Playmaker” Drew Meyers got involved causing the match to get thrown out until the save was made by Zero, so the Ref turned it into a tag match only to see Zero walk out on Ray Fury at the end and again for the second week in the row Mikey pinned the Action Zone Champion.

Fifth Match “The Real Deal” John Bishop took on the returning “Top Dawg” Randy Watkins. In this very physical matchup in the end the veteran Randy Watkins came out on top in his return to the Action Zone.
Main Event of the night saw Toy Dodson defend the Southern Title against the former champion “Star Quality” Josh Vaughn. A great main event with a lot of action but as Josh was about to get the win Toy’s manager Kevin Green distracted the Ref allowing Da Bill to slide in the ring and hit Josh with some kind of object then pulling Toy on top of Josh for the victory. After the match As Kevin Green is helping Toy out of the ring the mysterious man called revolution hits the ring and drops Kevin Green with a big DDT and left a card in Kevin’s pocket that said the Revolution is here and next week it all changes.

This Week at the All New Action Zone-

“Lion Heart” Ray Fury takes on Zero after what happened last week

A Triple Threat Match for the Action Zone Tag Team Titles

HCP 2.0 vs. James Eden/Dakota Outlaw #1 vs. Honor&Respect

Plus more great matches and what does the Revolution have in store for TWA since he promised this week it all changes?

TWA Action Zone 2500 Reed Rd. Dalton Ga.
Bell Time 8 :00 p.m.

Every Saturday

Or visit TWA Action Zone Dalton Facebook

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