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Results: Empire Wrestling Entertainment, 02/18/12, from Rossville, GA

Results: Empire Wrestling Entertainment, 02/18/12, from Rossville, GA

- from EWE

Last night was another sterling event at the Empire enjoyed by 150+ fans, and The
Empire wishes to thank all of you for your continued support. Let's get right to the

The event opened with ring announcer Buzz starting off the event by going over news
from The Empire and then offering congratulations to the new Empire Heavyweight
Champion Drew Delight. His announcements would be cut short as while the fans were
cheering for Drew Delight and his back turned, "The Devil's Rejects" stormed the
ring, with The Reverend angrily snatching the microphone and demanding Buzz to bring
Drew Delight to the ring. Delight came to the ring....but Drew wasn't alone, "The
Superpowers" Rush and Ben Thrasher accompanied him.

The Reverend then proceeded to have Buzz recap the results of each fall of the
"Black Delight 3" match from 02/11/2012 when Drew Delight seemingly regained the
Empire Heavyweight Title from "Reject" Rufus Black. It went this way:
Fall 1: Rufus Black disqualified for taping Drew Delight's wrist to the bottom rope.
Delight-1 Black-0.
Fall 2: Drew Delight submitted to Rufus Black's Cross Armbreaker.
Delight-1 Black-1.
Fall 3: Drew Delight pinned Rufus Black. Delight-2 Black-1.

The Reverend of course schooled on the rules of The Empire, then pointed out that
the Empire Heavyweight Title could not change hands due to a disqualification, so
Drew Delight was forced to relinquish the title, and it was returned to Rufus Black.

Most of the Empire fans were enraged, as was Drew Delight. Delight was indeed
infuriated, grabbed the microphone, and stated that he had seen enough over the last
5 months, so he issued a challenge for later in the evening.

The match proposed by Drew Delight was the he and "The
Superpowers" (Thrasher and Rush) would face "The Devil's Rejects" and the winner of
that match could pick the stipulations for a future match which would decide the
fate of The Reverend and "The Devil's Rejects" in The Empire. The Reverend was happy
to accept this challenge for his "Rejects".

And in that match in the Empire Main Event, Drew Delight & "The
Superpowers" Ben Thrasher and Rush, defeated "The Devil's Rejects" when Drew Delight
caught Rufus Black with a vicious Superkick for the 1-2-3 pin. The Empire fans
erupted as "The Rejects" had been defeated!

Drew Delight addressed the Empire and declared that the match of choice was a cage
match. While that sounded great to the Empire fans, Ben Thrasher and Rush were seen
talking, and Thrasher grabbed the microphone and told The Empire and "The Rejects"
that it would not only be a cage match, it would be a dangerous "WAR GAMES" match in
which all the
participants would be enclosed in the cage with No Rules, No Formalities, and No
Mercy. There was just 1 more item to be addressed and Ben Thrasher brought out the
4th member of the Empire Team, "The Chunky Dragon" Keith Hamill. The celebrations
and "high fives" were many as the lines were drawn and the "WAR GAMES" match set for
March 3rd.

It will be as follows: "The Devil's Rejects"-"Strong Style Psycho" Tank, "The
Southeastern Strangler" Andrew Alexander, "The Deadly Sin" Seven, and Empire
Heavyweight Champion Rufus Black vs. "The Superpowers" Ben Thrasher and Rush, Drew
Delight, and "The Chunky Dragon" Keith Hamill. If The Empire Team is victorious, The
Reverend will be out as the Empire
Commissioner and "The Devil's Rejects" will be out as the controlling faction in The
Empire. As you have already seen from the fans' posts, it was another great night at
The Empire.

In other contests, we saw "The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper, accompanied
by new "Illuminati" member Cyrus, victorious over Logan Alvey by using a cheap shot
low blow when referee Mark Graham's back was turned.

Logan Alvey, sick of Viper's "Illumiati" stable, wouldn't be alone as he was
accompanied to the ring by his trainer. In a special surprise to The Empire, "The 7
Figure Deal" Ace Rockwell, was in Logan Alvey's corner.

Things got ugly after Viper took the cheap shot to victory and in a heated verbal
diatribe, Ace Rockwell challenged Cyrus and Viper to a Tag Team Match for next
Saturday night, against he and Logan Alvey. In the 1 match I can report for February
25th, we will see "The 7 Figure Deal" Ace Rockwell & Logan Alvey vs. "Illuminati"
members Cyrus and Johnny Viper.

The entire "Illuminati" was at ringside as Cyrus absolutely dominated Empire
newcomer Matt Gilbert.

"Brother Fusion" Brandon & Jason Collins, notched another victory for the
"Illuminati" as they defeated "DNA" David Gage & Ethan Andrews in tag team action.

Jason Hampton picked up a victory over the returning "Hit For Hire" Bobby Moore, disqualified for pummeling Hampton repeatedly with closed fists after many warnings from the referee. Moore revealed that he was sent to The Empire by Hampton's former partner Jerry Anderson. As Moore was gloating after the match, (in which he lost), Hampton challenged Moore to a rematch, and Moore accepted as Hampton "put his money where his mouth is". Jason will have to give "Hit For Hire" Bobby Moore $1,000 if he can't defeat him. Wow, that's some incentive for Jason Hampton!

Rounding out the event, "Strong Style Psycho" Tank defeated "Do Or Die" Chip Day
with the Chokebreaker.

We will have more News From The Empire as the week progresses so keep checking in.
Again The Empire wishes to thank our fans as we promise to provide you with
unsurpassd talent and action, and we DELIVER each week, only at The Empire-Where The
Titans Collide!

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