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Results: Empire Wrestling Entertainment, 02/11/12, from Rossville, GA

Results: Empire Wrestling Entertainment, 02/11/12, from Rossville, GA

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The Empire Oracle February 13th 2012 - "Black Delight 3" - The Aftermath

What a night it was last Saturday, February 11th. First and foremost I wish to offer
congratulations to the new Empire Heavyweight Champion Drew Delight. Drew left the
Empire Arena with the Empire Heavyweight Title around his waist after "The Devil's
Rejects" robbed him of his title back in November 2011.

Drew actually NEVER lost the title to Rufus Black. Back in November, The Reverend
ordered that Drew hand the belt over to him, to just relinquish the Empire Title.
Drew would not, telling The Reverend that fateful night "You can pry it from my
cold, dead hands", and it went downhill for Delight from there. "The Devil's
Rejects" meant business, as Delight was left in the ring a bloody mess, and without
the Empire Heavyweight Title. Long story short, in an amazing "Black Delight 3"
thriller, Drew Delight now has the Empire Heavyweight Title back around his waist.

We saw Johnny Viper and Brandon & Jason Collins ("Brother Fusion") add some muscle
to the "Illuminati". Clearly Cyrus joined up with "The Illuminati" in beating down
rookie sensation Logan Alvey. Viper just can't deal with the fact that Alvey
defeated him (Viper) for his 1st victory, and Logan is paying for it....the hard
way. "The Illuminati" just got stronger and bolder if you can imagine that. During
"The Wyld Stallyns" match with "The Devil's Rejects" (Tank & Andrew Alexander) with
the Empire Tag Team Titles on the line, "Brother Fusion" stormed the ring attacking
"The Wyld Stallyns" (Corey Cox & Chris Ganz), of course ending the match and costing
them any chance of capturing the Empire Tag Team Belts.

"The Superpowers" Rush & Ben Thrasher defeated "Brother Fusion". Since Thrasher &
Rush have joined forces they seem destined for a showdown with Empire Tag Team
Champions Tank & Andrew Alexander ("The Devil's Rejects"). Ben Thrasher & Rush are
no strangers to having Empire Title gold around their waist, so "Rejects"...beware.

Jason Hampton, fresh off of his "X-Treme Rules" match in which he drove former
partner Jerry Anderson out of The Empire, now has a new focus: The Empire
Heavyweight Title. Hampton won a Triple Threat match over David Gage and Torque last
Saturday and it didn't take long for Jason to sound off. He let the Empire know that
he wants a shot at the Empire Heavyweight Title. At that point in the evening, Rufus
Black still had the Title, but where will this lead Jason, now that Drew Delight has
recaptured the Empire Heavyweight Title?

One thing is for certain, it's lonely being at the top with a bullseye on your back.
Drew Delight, the celebration is over and now the challenges will surface. Each &
every athlete in both Empire Locker Rooms strives to have what you now have around
your waist, that coveted Empire Heavyweight Title.

We wish to thank all of you who made "Black Delight 3" a memorable evening as the
post match celebration with Drew Delight being hoisted in the ring was truly a
magical moment at The Empire.

We sincerely appreciate the support and we invite you to try the Empire if you have
not already. You will quickly see why The Empire has a strong and very loyal fan
base. You might have tried the Try The Best. The Empire is sensitive to
this tough economy as all tickets are $5.00. Yes $5.00! And believe you me, you'll
get your money's worth and then some.

We'll be back of course February 18th for another sterling event at Empire Wrestling
22 Austin Ave. Rossville, GA. Be checking back throughout the week for News From
The Empire and the February 18th event as match signings materialize.

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