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Results: NWA ProSouth Wrestling, 02/24/12, from Piedmont, AL

Results: NWA ProSouth Wrestling, 02/24/12, from Piedmont, AL

- from NWA PSW

Commissioner Terry Batey opened the show and introduced NWA Southern Representative Brice Anderson to the live crowd! Anderson expressed his positive opinion of the ProSouth locker room, then introduced the winner of last week's first ever Gold Rush Challenge, "The Last Hero" Ace Haven! Ace explained why he got involved in last week's title match but was interrupted by "Future Classic" Tyler Gage! Gage talked about the grueling month he had and asked Ace to stay out of his match tonight because he needs to know if he can beat Kyle Matthews!

Match #1 - Iceman Rod Storm versus Seth Cruise

The returning Iceman made short work of Seth Cruise, pinning him with the Ice Cold Stunner!

Match #2 - Brandon Collum versus Dakota Outlaw w/Gene Jackson

Before the bell, Jackson tried to recruit Collum back to the Alliance, when Collum declined, Outlaw tried to attack Collum from behind! Collum put up a valiant effort, but like many others, fell to the Black Hole Slam!

Match #3 - Eli Daniels & D2daC versus NWA ProSouth Tag Team Champions "The Prodigy" Daniel Alexander & Big Tomb

The champions had a lot to prove in this nontitle match and they did just that! Isolating Eli Daniels for the majority of the match, the champions fought to an easy victory once D2daC was taken out of the equation!

Match #4 - "The Last Hero" Ace Haven versus Yoshera Machida

Brice Anderson came to ringside to watch this match up close! After ducking a Super Kick, Ace pinned Yoshera with the Ace Crusher!

Brice Anderson called out Commissioner Terry Batey and Gene Jackson! He announced that the NWA had made a match for next week! Gene Jackson would pick a team, Terry Batey would pick a team, and the eight men would battle in an elimination tag match! If Jackon's team won, Jackson and his team would be given permanent ProSouth contracts, but if Terry's team won, Jackson would have to surrender his briefcase to Terry Batey! Terry Batey announced his team as "Future Classic" Tyler Gage, "The Last Hero" Ace Haven, D2daC and Brandon Collum! Gene Jackson announced his team as Dakota Outlaw, "The Prodigy" Daniel Alexander, Big Tomb, and a fourth man to be revealed next week!

Main Event - NWA ProSouth All-Out Champion Kyle Matthews versus NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Champion "Future Classic" Tyler Gage

Matthews immediately went to work on the still injured ribs of Gage! Gage capitalized on a failed crossbody and locked Matthews into a devastating bearhug! After Matthews kicked out of the Spinebuster, Gage in desperation, rolled up Matthews and placed his feet on the ropes for leverage! Matthews still kicked out! A frustrated Gage called for Ace Haven to come to the ringside, but those pleas were left unanswered! Matthews rolled up Gage, but Gage rolled to his kness and ate a Super Kick! It was enough to give Matthews the win and the NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Championship!

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