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Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 02/26/12, from Warner Robins, GA

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 02/26/12, from Warner Robins, GA

- from Daniel Lee Lumm

“Marvelous” Michael Stevens & Adrian Hawkins (w/ “Adorable” Anthony Andrews) defeatDrew Adler & Sal Rinauro via pinfall

Referee: Stan Robinson

Sal & Marv start the match off and the crowd immediately gets behind Sal. Marv tries to take an aggressive offense but is quickly stopped by a series of inverted atomic drops, leading to a point where Marv attempts a leap frog that lands on Sal’s knee. Hawkins tags in to receive the same treatment only to promptly tag back out, and Adler comes in. After delivering yet another inverted atomic drop, Marv tags in Andrews, who is not even part of the match, only to see the same result. After this continues for a little longer, Adler is overtaken by a double team of Marv and Hawkins, who then isolate him in the ring. Marv and Hawkins hold control with a series of illegal tactics and some behind-the-ref shenanigans. Sal continuously tries to talk Adler into the corner until he finally makes the hot tag and Hawkins tags in. When Adler comes back in, a brawl between Marv and Sal distracts the ref long enough for Andrews to hit Adler with the jar they’ve been known to utilize and Hawkins picks up the pin. A nice opening match that the crowd was very into.

Officer Chris Jacobs & Tommy Daniels Defeated “The Real Deal” Jake Slater & “WildChild” Joey Kidman via pinfall

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Kidman is very over with the crowd, despite his heel partner as the returning Slater is met with immediate “Grease Ball” chants from the crowd as he and Daniels start the match. Slater starts on Daniels with an aggressive offense and just as Daniels went to fight out, Slater yanks him to the mat by his hair. Kidman tags in and says he wants Jacobs, and Daniels complies by tagging him in. Kidman doesn’t hold the same dominance as Slater and after receiving a scoop slam he tags Slater back in. From here Daniels and Jacobs control the match by isolating Jake, Daniels even using a heelish hair-grabbing tactic on Slater upon being tagged in. After getting a eye rake on Daniels, Slater runs to the corner to tag Kidman in. From here Slater and Kidman gain control of the ring by isolating Daniels. Daniels shows resilience and refuses to stay down for a pinfall. Finally, Jacobs hot tags in and delivers an Olympic slam to Kidman followed by a knee to the face to secure a victory.

We are shown a video of the aftermath of the brawl involving Cash Vault and Mikael Judas at the last event which was only shown on television. In the brawl, Suspects got involved backstage to even the odds against Cash Vault but ultimately were stopped by The Judge, who came out of nowhere and gave Judas the iron claw as he was attacking Adonis.

Anthony Henry & Officer Chris Jacobs & The Ninja defeated “Adorable” Anthony Andrews & “Marvelous” Michael Stevens & Adrian Hawkins via pinfall

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Henry and Hawkins start off with some fast-paced chaining and ultimately Henry holds control. From here, Henry’s team isolates Hawkins in the ring while constantly tagging. Hawkins gets Henry to the corner where BFF was waiting and Andrews tags himself in to help them gain control. From here, Henry is the one who is isolated. Ninja and Jacobs are knocked from the apron and Jacobs goes to enter the ring illegally and gets into an argument with the ref. The crowd starts chanting for Chris and Ninja, hoping for a tag to be made by Henry. With BFF double teaming Henry and getting him to the turnbuckle, he comes out of knowehre, jumping onto Andrews’s back and then quickly performing a drop kick to Marv. BFF and Hawkins clear the ring and Sal comes out to steal their jar. Using this distraction, Ninja comes in the ring behind Andrews as Henry and Jacobs pull Marv and Hawkins from the ring. Ninja unmasks himself and is revealed to be Drew Adler, who delivers a huge boot to Andrews to pick up the win.

Rampage Rules Tag Team Match

The Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams) defeated Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shaun Banks) via pinfall

Referee: Stan Robinson

The crowd is immediately into this match before anything happens. Trey and Cru start off and some comedic dialogue is exchanged. The match seems very balanced, but Lava’s familiarity with Rampage Rules seems to give them an edge. Jon gets isolated in the ring by Lava as he constantly makes an attempt to get Trey into the ring. Cru and Banks utilize a lot of interesting tactics to abuse the Rampage Rules, such as Banks holding Jon in the ring while sliding himself out to let Cru come in and start wearing him down. The fans hate the referee through this match, allowing Lava to get away with cheap tactics that are actually within the rules of the match. Trey hot tags in and starts clearing house until Lava picks up the numbers game. Trey lands the Captain Morgan stomp but can’t make the pin due to Cru’s interruption. Jon runs in the ring to help fight off Lava, and in the process Banks is put to the outside. Cru throws Jon out and in the same fluent motion, Trey enters the ring with a roll up for the victory.

It’s worth noting that fans are STILL filling seats this late into the show.

The Usual Suspects (AJ Steele & Murder One) & Luke Gallows (w/ Doc Gayton) vs Cash Vault (Rob Adonis &”Hit for Hire” Bobby Moore & The Judge)(w/ Manager Charlie Cash) via pinfall

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Doc Gayton comes out to cut a promo due to the absence of Judas. He decides that he will stand at ringside for the match on behalf of Suspects and introduces Luke Gallows to replace Judas in the match. The match starts with Adonis and Steele showing off their power. The crowd has been very active through the entire event, but manage to pick up just for this match. Murder One is noticeably absent from the apron. AJ shows some serious anger and starts whaling on Moore in the corner and the crowd erupts with “Barney” chants. After a while of punishing Moore, Steele tags in Gallows, who ends up taking on both Adonis and Moore, but is noticeably favoring one of his legs as if injured. After some stalling, Adonis is tagged in and he gouges Gallows’ eyes and tags Moore back in, who is immediately hip tossed by Luke and then tags in AJ. AJ holds the advantage until a triple team by Cash Vault, which went uninterrupted by the referee, slowed him down. Judge comes in and lays the claw on AJ and brings him to the mat, but AJ saves himself by getting the bottom rope. Moore comes in after AJ delivers a superplex to Adonis and the ref is distracted. Judge uses this to go around and attack Gallows. Murder makes his way to the ring talking on his phone and is not in his ring attire. Murder tags himself in to AJ’s dismay and finishes Moore off with ether. Murder gets heat from some of the crowd for stealing the victory from Steele. Murder goes right back to talking on his phone after they leave the ring.

Frankie Valentine & J-Rod defeated “Do or Die” Chip Day & Mike Posey via pinfall

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match starts with a brawl between the two teams, with J-Rod & Valentine in control. J-Rod and Posey officially start the match off. Valentine and J-Rod hold control early on by isolating Posey. Approved takes control when J-Rod bounces off the ropes and Day delivers a kick to his back. From here Approved isolated J-Rod in the ring and start using some of their usual shenanigans. Valentine tags in and starts taking both Approved members down, but Posey ends up going outside and running J-Rod into the pole, keeping him from the apron for a period of time. Approved uses this time to regain control and work down Frankie as J-Rod struggles to get to his feet on the outside. When J-Rod finally recovers, there is more Approved shenanigans to maintain control and keep Valentine away from his corner. The crowd started a little quiet at the start of the match but picked up big time when J-Rod finally got up to his corner, getting furious with the referee. J-Rod hot tags in and starts taking on both Approved members simultaneously. Frankie looks like he’s put away when Chip lands a vicious kick, but comes back with a falling knee facebuster for the victory.

Doc Gayton comes to the ring to cut a promo. He goes to say that Kyle Matthews is going to win the RPW Heavyweight Title and goes on to talk about a little problem that he’s been having. He goes on to say that he wants Suspects to get back on track and that he feels partially responsible for their current discord. He brings the Suspects out to the ring. Murder One comes out with a drinking cup. Doc asks where Muder was when the match was going on earlier. He talks about how he’s a pay-per-view superstar now (referencing UWF) and that he picked up the slack he missed by winning the match. AJ takes the mic and is obviously agitated and asks Murder if simply losing track of time is the reason he was late to the match. Doc goes on to talk about how Murder One was disrespectful by paying more attention to his phone than the issues at hand. Murder goes to say that the Suspects are still on the same page and implies that he alone is responsible for all of their success.

NWA RPW Heavyweight Title Match

Kyle Matthews defeats “Untouchable” Jeremy Vain (w/ Manager Charlie Cash)(C ) via pinfall to become the New NWA RPW Heavyweight Champion

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Kyle has the support of the fans from the start of the match. Matthews starts with the advantage, with Vain occasionally getting some hits in. After taking a swift kick to the face, Vain kicks out at 2 and is pulled out of the ring by Cash. Matthews responds to this with a suicide dive to the outside taking Vain down. Vain comes back by capitalizing on a distraction by Charlie Cash and the match moves back into the ring. Vain holds the advantage with the usual bag of illegal rope tactics and distractions. The match slows down in pace as Vain works down Matthews with a series of holds. The crowd constantly cheers for Matthews to make a comeback as Vain starts becoming desperate and makes constant pin attempts. Kyle comes back and both men transition into constant pin attempts. Kyle fights into a massive drop kick and both men are left on the mat. The ref’s count makes it to 8 when they fight to their feet and Matthews finally starts picking up some real momentum. Vain goes for a DDT and Matthews quickly winds him into the Hidaka Lock forcing Vain to tap out, but Cash gets on the apron to cause the distraction. Kyle lets the lock go to dispatch of Cash and Vain lands a DDT for a near-victory. The crowd starts a “You Tapped Out” chant. Kyle monkey flips Vain from the corner, causing him to do a full front flip. He then follows up with a vicious kick to the head and makes the pin that brings the crowd to its feet. Many faces from the locker room come to the ring to congratulate Matthews on his big victory.

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