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Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 02/12/12, from Warner Robins, GA

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 02/12/12, from Warner Robins, GA

From Daniel Lee Lumm

NWA RPW Television Title Match

Adrian Hawkins vs Frankie Valentine (C)

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Hawkins starts the match with an aggressive offense, but Frankie cuts him off and starts working his arm. Hawkins comes back and starts laying the heat on Frankie , often utilizing the ropes illegally. A few members of the crowd are vocal in this match supporting Valentine, but otherwise quiet. Frankie comes out on top with a single-knee facebuster out of nowhere.

Frankie Valentine wins via pinfall at 8:21 to retain the NWA RPW Television Title

“Marvelous” Michael Stevens & “Adorable” Anthony Andrews vs Sal Rinauro & Drew Adler

Referee: Danny Star

The match starts with Adler and Rinauro rushing in and attacking BFF. The match stays out of the referees control until Adler is taken out of the ring by Andrews via a bucket. From here, BFF do a good job at isolating Sal and controlling the match as referees Stan Robinson and Dustin Robinson tend to Drew outside and escort him out. BFF have very little trouble working Sal down with rapid tags and double teaming. Sal comes back by taking both members of BFF down in time for Adler to rush out and make the hot tag. Adler rolls up Marv, and just when Andrews comes in to try and save him Sal cuts him off.

Sal Rinauro & Drew Adler win via pinfall

After the match, Adrian Hawkins rushes the ring and helps BFF assault Adler and Rinauro.

Jimmy Rave Approved (Mike Posey & Corey Hollis & Chip Day & Patrick Bentley) vs Officer Chris Jacobs & CB Gibson & Tommy Daniels & Anthony Henry

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match starts with Chip Day and Anthony Henry displaying some nice technical wrestling. Henry tags Jacobs in, and their team takes control of the match. The crowd seems a bit more interested in this match. Eventually, Corey Hollis tags in and takes advantage briefly, but is cut off and then isolated by Henry and Jacobs. As Jacobs goes off the ropes, Chip delivers a kick from the outside to give Approved the advantage. They quickly take to isolating Jacobs in the ring and working him down while constantly tagging. Approved storms the ring shortly after Chip tags in, and they proceed to knock the opposing team from the apron and attack Jacobs before the referee regains control of the match, and Approved continues to isolate Jacobs. The intensity of the crowd picks up about 7 minutes in, pulling for Chris to make a come back. CB Gibson hot tags in and starts fighting off Approved, and eventually turns into everyone getting in the ring and landing some hot spots, notably a very impressive back-flip backbreaker from Hollis that got a good pop from the crowd. In the end, Gibson gets isolated as Approved ends with their combined top-rope finish ending with a pinfall from Posey.

Jimmy Rave Approved wins via pinfall at 10:58

As Miss Allie goes to announce the winners, Posey cuts her off and takes the mic. Approved then goes on to cut a promo talking about how they’re after Frankie Valentine. Doc Gayton comes out just as they go to insulting him and interrupts their promo. Doc goes on to say that Valentine has proven that he can beat all of Approved and that none of them deserve a title match. He goes on to say that to determine a new number 1 contender, Approved members Posey, Hollis, Day, and Bentley will have a 4-Way match. He then goes on to say that if they do not put their all into the match, there will be consequences.

NWA RPW Heavyweight Title Match

“Untouchable” Jeremy Vain (w/ Manager Charlie Cash)(C) vs “The One and Only” J-Rod

Referee: Stan Robinson

Vain finds himself on the ropes and out of the ring often in the early match, much to the disappointment of the crowd. Every time Vain makes his way into the ring, J-Rod takes him down until he makes an escape. Vain makes a comeback about 5 minutes in and starts working down J-Rod’s leg. The match goes back and forth before Vain lands a DDT for the win.

Jeremy Vain wins via pinfall at 9:50 to retain the NWA RPW Heavyweight Title

Rampage Rules 4-Way Match to determine NWA RPW Television Title’s Number 1 Contender

“Do or Die” Chip Day vs Mike Posey vs Patrick Bentley vs Corey Hollis

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Chip Day and Hollis start this match off and perform VERY obvious rest holds and weak moves to act like they’re competing, but obviously displeasing the crowd. The match being contested as Rampage Rules as opposed to a strait 4-Way match was a bit questionable. The match turns into a dance off complete with jazz music with Referee Dustin Robinson sitting back agitated. Some of the crowd actually gets into the dance off but go back to booing when the music stops. Doc Gayton comes out and gets a mic and informs Approved that the loser of the match will be suspended and if no action takes place they all would be suspended. Immediately after that Approved members start turning on each other and the match gets serious. They get mad at each other while justifying that they don’t want to be suspended. Chip goes to kick Posey, who grabs and throws his foot off, but spins around and delivers it to Corey Hollis. He then throws Posey from the ring and pins Hollis for the win.

Chip Day wins via pinfall to become the NWA RPW Television Title’s Number 1 Contender

Corey Hollis is suspended from NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling

After the match Approved gets into a big argument resulting in pushing and some slight hostility. It’s noteworthy that Sal Rinauro was on commentary for this match, which means there might be some comedic conversation on the televised taping.

Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shaun Banks) vs The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams)

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match starts with Cru turning his back to the bullets and promptly getting a wedgie. From there Shaun tried to help but was quickly taken down and Lava goes out of the ring. Cru and Jon start off the match from here. Bullets take the early advantage until Cru manages to gouge Trey’s eyes and tag out. Bullets quickly regain control. Lava takes control of the match when Cru opens the ropes to cause Trey to fall through them. From here, Cru and Shaun isolate Trey in the ring and start wearing him down. Shaun and Cru do a good job at getting reactions from the crowd as usual. Trey evades an elbow drop from Banks and hot tags Jon, who proceeds to taking on both Banks and Jones briefly before all hell breaks loose in the ring. Cru goes to flip over Trey but Jon runs up behind him and rolls him up. Trey prevents Banks from breaking the pin.

The Washington Bullets win via pinfall at 9:22

After the match, Lava attacks the Bullets and celebrates saying they “won the war”.

Doc Gayton comes out to the ring to talk about a surprise. He goes to talk about 2 legends of pro wrestling involved with RPW’s Verve Energy Drink and is interrupted by BFF, calling themselves legends. They start talking about how nasty Verve is when Lex Lugar & Nakita Koloff come out and chase them off. They then go on to cut a promo talking about Verve being a healthy energy drink and it’s the official energy drink of RPW.

“Hit for Hire” Bobby Moore (w/ Manager Charlie Cash) vs Kyle Matthews

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Matthews gets the advantage early on, and Moore often resorts to leaving the ring to get away from him. Moore comes back with a turnbuckle powerbomb. The match goes to the outside where Moore mauls Matthews with chops and slams him against the Apron. Moore talks a lot of trash, which ends up costing him when Matthews brought him to the mat and took control of the match. Moore delivers a spear out of nowhere to take momentum of the match again, but it was short lived as Kyle got around him and delivered a swift kick to regain control. A lot of back and forth between the two, finishing with Matthews delivering a drop kick to Moore, who was on the top rope, taking him from the turnbuckle, then finally landing another drop kick followed by an inside cradle for the win.

Kyle Matthews wins via pinfall at 10:56

Jeremy Vain comes out and tells Matthews he has to take on Rob Adonis next, as per the terms for Matthews to be named Number 1 Contender. Adonis comes out and the match starts instantly.

Rob Adonis (w/ Manager Charlie Cash) vs Kyle Matthews

Matthews starts with a brief advantage, but is stopped quickly by Adonis, boasting his size and strength. He wears Kyle down with a series of slams and submissions working his back. Matthews starts building momentum about 5 minutes in but is shut down by Adonis, which got a silent crowd to start picking up. Matthews delivers a series of kicks and finally gets Adonis to the mat. He goes to the top rope but is cut off by Adonis. Right as Adonis goes for a sideqalk slam, Matthews counters and locks in the Hidaka lock. With the referee distracted by Cash, the submission goes without a result. Matthews gets off Adonis and receives a spinbuster for it. Mikael Judas comes out to put Cash in his place, prompting Adonis to go out after him. Adonis is counted out while attacking Judas.

Kyle Matthews wins via count-out to become the Number 1 Contender for the NWA RPW Heavyweight Title

Vain rushes out to attack Matthews, but is promptly knocked from the ring. Doc Gayton comes out to to announce that Matthews will receive his Title Match at the next show. Adonis and Moore both end up assaulting Judas and brawl up the ramp and to the backstage. Matthews and Doc celebrate in the ring.

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