Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Awesome Wrestling Alliance returns to Royston, GA this Saturday, 07/02/11

Awesome Wrestling Alliance returns to Royston, GA this Saturday, 07/02/11

AWA returns this Saturday to Royston Georgia, at the Gray Bell Auction, 1681 Shirley Rd Royston GA 30662, for another night of exciting wrestling action!

Jake Diamond has stolen the AWA Heavyweight Championship Belt, and while not the recognized champion, Diamond has continued to "defend" the title in a series of matches, proving he is nothing more then a self glorified bully. But this Saturday, his fantasy is over as the recognized title holder Eli Evans will return to Royston & the AWA to claim what is rightfully his! We are told that Eli has stated the show will not start until either the belt is around his waste, or his hands are around Diamonds neck, so fans better get there early because this is one situation you DON'T want to miss.

However, Eli Evans has more to worry about then just reclaiming his belt. The Heavyweight Champion is signed to team with the ever popular Cruiserweight Champion, The Curry Kid, to take on the AWA Tag Team Champions, Eric Mayne & Jimmy the Kid (The Gym Class Heroes!) in the "Championship Melee" tag team fiasco. It's a match of champions, guaranteed to thrill the fans of Royston, and heat things up! There is plenty of history between the four men, as the Curry Kid won his Cruiserweight Championship from Eric Mayne, and Eli Evans won his Heavyweight Championship from Jimmy the Kid! Mayne and Kid have since gone on to reclaim tag team gold, but how far will the Gym Class Heroes go to reclaim their dominance over the two singles champions? This could be more then just a tag team match, it has the potential to turn into an all out war!

The muscle of the Gym Class Heroes, the unstoppable Jake Diamond is also scheduled for official action, as he takes on the powerful man known as Titan! Titan has been climbing the ranks of the AWA for some time, and this could be his biggest opportunity, in the event he can knock off self proclaimed champion Jake Diamond. Titan recently removed his mask, and has unleashed a stronger, more determined side. Will that be enough? Or will Jake Diamond prove that with Titan, the bigger they are, the harder they fall?

In other action, Sugar Shane Bell also returns to Royston, as he faces Charade in Cruiserweight action, with the winner earning #1 contention for the Cruiserweight Championship! It seems every week the Cruiserweight Division gets faster and more intense, and the competition shows no signs of letting up! Curry Kid will defend the title against anyone, but who will walk out this Saturday as the #1 Contender?

All this and more, live, Saturday Night in Royston Georgia, for the Awesome Wrestling Alliance. Located at the Gray Bell Auction, 1681 Shirley Rd Royston GA 30662, Bell time is 7:30pm, call 706) 245-4205 and tell them you want tickets now to the next AWA EVENT!

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