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Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 06/25/11, from Rossville, GA


Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 06/25/11, from Rossville, GA

- from EPW

The show opened with Empire Heavyweight Champion Rush coming out to the ring demanding to know the identity of "The Reaper". Drew Delight came out and implied that it was none other than fan favorite J.C. Kent. Commissioner Big Doug Griffin came out and said Drew will face Cyrus in the Main Event and that Empire Champion Rush will defend the Empire Heavyweight Belt in the opening match and called for Referee James Patrick to get out there and officiate the match, which was Rush vs. Korrupt.

Rush retained the Empire Heavyweight Title after defeating Korrupt in 9:45 as Rush had to quickly come up with a gameplan as this match was announced by Commissioner Big Doug Griffin on the spur of the moment.

Johnny Viper was set to face the ever popular Ben Thrasher. However Viper said he was currently filming a movie and could not compete. Viper brought out his new business associate "Shawnfire". Ben Thrasher defeated "Shawnfire" in 8:23.

KT Hamill defeated Matt Fortune in 10:00 in a very exciting hard fought match. Many aerial moves from Fortune but in the end Hamill held Fortune off and got the pinfall.

Both K.T. Hamill and Ben Thrasher claim they are one step closer the being the #1 Contender to the Empire Heavyweight Title.

Xtreme Generation (Jason Hampton and Jerry Anderson) defeated The Lynch Mob (Bane Lynch and Joey Lynch) in 9:45. This was a fantastic match between the top 2 tag teams in Empire Pro Wrestling. The momentum shifted several times as the fans loved seeing these 2 teams face off.

In the Main Event, Cyrus had Drew Delight set up for his devastating Baldo Bomb. However, "The Reaper" came out and this also brought out Rush. As "The Reaper" threw powder in the eyes of Rush, Referee James Patrick and Cyrus was distracted. This was enough for Delight to hit Cyrus with a low blow as well as hit him with the ring bell hammer. Drew Delight picked up the victory in 12:25.

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