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Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 06/10/11, from Avondale Estates, GA

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 06/10/11, from Avondale Estates, GA
- from PCW
Platinum Championship Wrestling at The Academy Theater: 
Vandal pinned Jon Williams;
Jerry Lewis Jr. pinned Warhorse #2;
Brandon Kage pinned Jamie Holmes;
Trey Wlliams and Brian Blaze fought to a double-disqualification;
Geter and Eric Walker wrestled to a no-contest;
The Assassin's Guild (Lee Roy, Master Jae, Sylar Cross & Josh Coulter) pinned CAMPUS Strike Force (Blue, Yellow, Orange & Green);
Mason defeated Shane Marx by tapout;
Tommy Daniels pinned CAMPUS Red;
Aisha Sunshine pinned Pandora in a falls-count-anywhere match;

Platinum Championship Wrestling: Champion---Grotesque; 1---Chip Day; 2---Mason; 3---The Vandal; 4---Shane Marx; 5---Marko Polo; 6---Kyle Matthews; 7---Tommy Daniels; 8---Seth Delay; 9---Brandon Kage; 10---Davey Richards

Notes from the shows:

Tommy Daniels made his PCW Friday night debut, and scored the fastest pin in PCW history with a 18 second victory over CAMPUS Red

Referee Frank Earl briefly spoke to the crowd, explaining that he had to get surgery to repair his right shoulder due to an errant hit from Rick Michaels when the Exotic Ones last wrestled Thunder and Lightning. He assured the fans that he would be back soon and would keep calling matches right down the middle.

The african-warrior styled wrestler that attacked "Dynomite Soul" Eric Walker and Geter during their match has been identified as Ousman, who has wrestled for Booker T's promotion in Houston, Texas

By granting Thunder and Lightning their last two matches by forfeit, The Assassin's Guild is officially done with their Tag Team Season, finishing with a record of 3-7. They are eliminated from the possibility of making the playoffs. Next week, the main event is The Konkrete Gorillaz taking on Shane Marx and Jay Fury. If the Gorillaz win, they are a lock for a playoff spot against Completely Awesome. However, if the Gorillaz lose, then Thunder and Lightning must lose one of their matches in order for the Gorillaz to get in.

In the other division, The Washington Bullets have already secured a spot in the playoffs. The Exotic Ones have one more match against Shane Marx and Jay Fury, which will only be mecessary if Jay and Shane win their next two matches.

Aisha Sunshine was tended to medically after the show due to the hold placed on her after her match by Pandora. The new hold has been dubbed "The Mortal Coil" by Pandora and it caused Aisha to bleed from the mouth, and it required at least five male PCW wrestlers to pry Pandora off of Aisha Sunshine.

Dr. MeLei was present and tended to the medical needs of the wrestlers.

The Warhorses sent flowers to Timmy McClendon and CAMPUS Strike Force declaring that the Warhorses would have a peace offering of some kind next week.

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