Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Buff Bagwell returns to Great Championship Wrestling this Thursday, 02/18/10, in Phenix City, AL


Buff Bagwell returns to
Great Championship Wrestling this Thursday, 02/18/10, in Phenix City, AL

- from GCW

Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell
joins the GCW Roster this Thursday, live in Phenix City, 1031-280 Bypass in Phenix City, Alabama, so call 334-448-8848 for more information! Bagwell hasn't been to GCW since April 16th of last year, when Murder One cost him a match with then GCW Heavyweight Champion Cru Jones! Bagwell swore revenge and many wonder whether or not Murder One , who coincidentally is now the GCW Champion himself, might have a target painted on his back courtesy of the former WCW/WWE/NWO Superstar, Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell! All the champions of GCW will be in action this Thursday in what promises to be a stellar card of action!

J-rod defends his Interstate Championship against Cru Jones!This will be the first time in a long time, that these epic rivals will do battle for a major championship. It was April 30th of last year, when J-rod defeated Jones for the GCW Heavyweight Championship, and Jones subsequently has never forgotten it. Could a near year long revenge be on Jones mind as Jones sets ready to take the Interstate belt? And what about his draw decision with Banks at Bleeding Hearts/Broken Bones....is Jones finally willing to let the situation be settled, or is moving on simply just not in the vocabulary of "Every Womens Fantasy"? Speaking of moving on, it seemed that J-rod and Frankie Valentine had some issues to resolve, following their pull apart last week, will either champion or challenger be focused?!?!

Banks will be busy in his own right, as in a special attraction bout, two of the most athletic competitors in GCW history will do battle, when Shaun Banks faces Frankie Valentine. The two haven't wrestled for over a year, and it was under much different circumstances. This time, it'll be interesting to see how things fair, when the crowd is on total opposite sides, cheering Shaun Banks, and booing the evil Frankie Valentine! Neither of these men got a solid conclusion to their respective matches last week, and they may very well take out their frustrations on each other!

Also on the card, the Alabama Ambassador, the huge bodyguard of Murder One, will have attempt to claim another victim, this time in an official capacity! For over a month, this man has run through everyone who has dared step in his way. He is only one week removed from causing Bull Buchanan to lose the heavyweight championship in the biggest match of 2010, and he's thirsty to make an even BIGGER impact! Who is crazy enough to step into the ring with one of GCW's quickest rising threats of pain?

Also, with J.T. Smooth acquiring the contract of Frankie Valentine and the rumored acquisition Kyle Matthews, where does that leave his original man, Stalker? Stalker hasn't been seen since the first part of the year, however will make his return this Thursday night. Is 3 going to be a crowd, or is J.T. Smooth building an army that is set to take over GCW?! Each of his men have held championship gold, will anyone be able to stop them when they try to take more? And what does Princeton Gainey think about Smooths dominant ambitions?

Johnny Swingers ultimate goal seems to be destroying the future of GCW. After a stunning upset to Mike Kross last week, Swinger delivered a post match beating of epic proportions, piledriving the youngster twice onto a steel chair. Swinger was fined multiple times for multiple infractions, however in the end he seemed to justify his means. Kross was said to be in stable condition, however in no shape to wrestle due to both neck and head injuries. Swinger will be in attendance Thursday night for competition, but what will happen if Mike Kross shows up as well? WEST GEORGIA WRESTLING FANS HAS LEARNED THAT MIKE KROSS WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE THIS THURSDAY, DESPITE DOCTORS ORDERS! Will we see the Bleeding Hearts/Broken Bones rematch this Thursday?!?!

One thing is for sure, the stakes are going to be high this Thursday, as will the tension, as GCW presents live action in Phenix City this Thursday Night, 1031 off the 280 Bypass, located right next to the Phenix Square Shopping Plaza. Call 334-448-8848 to reserve seats, and regulars are encouraged to purchase their seats in advance to secure them, due to the overwhelming support for Buff Bagwell!

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