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Results: Great Championship Wrestling's Bleeding Hearts...Broken Bones, 02/11/10


Results: Great Championship Wrestling's Bleeding Hearts...Broken Bones, 02/11/10

- from GCW

Gym Class Heroes defeated Marvelous Michael Stevens/The Alabama Ambassador. After the match, the Ambassador destroyed both Jimmy the Kid & Eric Maine, as well as Marvelous Michael Stevens.

Kyle Matthews defeated Ric King in a special challenge match. Matthews said he was meant to face Jimmy Rave but Rave had chickened out to facing the Best in the World. King stepped up and said he himself may not be the best in the world, but hoped if he ever became GCW Champion, he'd hold it longer then Matthew's amazing 30 minute reign. This prompted the match to take place, which was back and forth action, until J.T. Smooth came out, and right in front of Princeton Gainey, helped Matthews pick up the win. Gainey, frustrated and feeling alittle slighted, seemed confused.

Suicidal All Star Mike Kross defeated Johnny Swinger with a quick roll up, but suffered a massive post match beat down that saw Swinger piledriver Kross on a steel chair twice in the center of the ring.

Jacob Gallahan defeated Miguel Guererro. Post match, Gallahan attacked Guererro until Drew Adler interjected himself, causing Gallahan to turn his focus to Adler, beating him down as well.

Cru Jones and Shaun Banks went to a no-contest when they pinned each other following a german suplex in which all 4 shoulders were down. After much deliberation, the match was declared a draw, however since the stipulation was that loser leaves town, the crowd was left wondering what the future is for both competitors. GCW management announced that it would make a final decision next week.

Frankie Valentine and J-rod brawled to a no-contest when both men refused to get into the ring during a wild brawl that erupted from the opening introductions. The locker room cleared to pull them apart.

Murder One defeated Bull Buchanan in the Six Corners of Torture match, to become the new GCW Heavyweight Champion. The match included: A shovel wrapped in barbed wire, a garden hoe, a mailbox containing a hammer, a ladder, a steel chair, wire cable,and various other objects of obscene torture. In the end, Murder delivered his Deadlights ace crusher on Buchanan, on a steel chair, to pick up the win and become the new GCW Heavyweight Champion.

GCW owner Diane Hewes announced the newest member of the GCW roster would be making his debut next week, BUFF "THE STUFF" Bagwell. It was not officially announced that Bagwell would be targetting Murder, however Murder in a post match interview went as far to say that if Bagwell showed up, he'd find out why the champion is called MURDER One.

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