Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wrestle Fest 2010 comes to Hubbertville, AL on March 5th

The Hubbertville High School Athletic Department presents, "Wrestle Fest 2010" Friday March 5th at 7:30pm at the Hubbertville High School Gym. The Main Event will be the Southern Cruiserweight Title Match with 'El Mexicano' vs The Wrestling Superstar Jose Guerreo [TV Star-Champion]...There will be a Midget Match with Little Kid 'J' vs The Little Bruiser...The Alabama Championship Match will feature 'Action' Mike Jackson vs Mr Wrestling...and a Special Event will include 'Wildfire' Kevin Bozeman vs Cameron 'The Hammer' Valentine.

There will be Autograph Parties at Hubbert's Grocery and B&M Grocery from 3-5pm, where you can meet your favorite wrestlers!

For ticket information call, 205-487-2845. Proceeds go to the Hubbertville High School Athletic Department!

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