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Results: Great Championship Wrestling, 02/17/10, from Phenix City, AL


Results: Great Championship Wrestling, 02/17/10, from Phenix City, AL

This week, Great Championship Wrestling followed up it's "Bleeding Hearts/Broken Bones" event with a card filled with surprises and some great in-ring action.


Ron Stalker returns!

The first development came early, when Stalker and Kyle Matthews, both managed by J.T. Smooth, faced upstart team Miguel Guererro and Drew Adler. Adler and Guererro, the makeshift team of two of GCW's hardluck heroes, finally got their due with a stunning upset over Smooths ring operators. However the irony was that Smooth himself, and a miscue on his part, is what lead to the downfall of Stalker in the match, allowing the upset to happen in the first place. Further irony took center stage as Matthews and J.T. Smooth berated Stalker for losing the match. Things escalated when Smooth slapped Stalker across the face, sending the face painted freak into a frenzied rage, grabbing his manager into his clutches! Before any damage could be done though, Matthews was quick to interject, attacking Stalker from behind, tossing him to the corner, and delivering the Slurpee kick! With Stalker down, Matthews and Smooth left...however to their surprise, Stalker slowly began to rise to his feet, pained, angered, but not deterred one bit, he stalked (no pun intended) his former partner and manager back to the locker room, with Matthews and Smooth looking fearful of the enemy they may have been wise to keep on their side.

The second match saw Johnny Swinger continue his physical tirade against GCW's new young stars, this time by way of the fresh debuting "El Pantera Rosa". After making quick work of the new star, Mike Kross, the man Swinger piledrove twice on a steel chair a week prior, made his way to the ring, with a waiver in hand. Kross explained that he'd gone to GCW's offices and had the document drawn up, and was willing to use it, on the condition that Swinger give him a match. Swinger teased the crowd, asking if thats what they wanted, to which everyone in the
building gave a loud approval. However once Kross had officially agreed to the match, Swinger interjected.."I said you could have a match, ...just not with me..." With that, Murder Ones Bodyguard, the massive Alabama Ambassador stormed to the ring and tore through Mike Kross like he was tinfoil. With the building at a boiling fever pitch, Murder took the microphone after Kross's remains were pushed from the ring, and began a one man crusade against GCW's newest star, Buff "THE STUFF" Bagwell. Murder acknowledged that many fans had assumed, due to the nature of the advertised poster, that Murder would be defending the GCW Heavyweight Championship against Bagwell, however Murder was quick to remind everyone, that he had 30 days to defend his newly won title, and that it wouldn't be tonight!

Miss Diane, owner of GCW, quickly made her way out to settle the situation, and reminded Murder, while he has 30 days to defend the Heavyweight's been a while since he'd defended the tag team straps. Murders face turned sour as Diane introduced one half of the men who would be challenging Murder for the tag team titles....BUFF "THE STUFF" BAGWELL! Bagwell came out to a thunderous ovation, and let Murder One know ,that he hadn't come alone, and had a BIG surprise waiting for him, later tonight.

Up next, Cru Jones challenged GCW Interstate Champion J-rod in a revival of an old rivalry that lit up GCW in late 2008/early 2009. The match however ended in dq, when Frankie Valentine ran to ringside, spoiling any chance of a fair victory, and helping Cru Jones put the boots to J-rod, until Jones former tag partner, Shaun Banks, ran in and made the save. Despite having a long (and violent history), J-rod extended the hand reluctantly to Banks to thank him for his help, but Banks took the gesture a step further.


Shaun Banks shakes J-Rod's hand

Dead set on trying to regain his reputation that his association with Jones destroyed, Banks challenged the most hated man in GCW, Frankie Valentine, to a match right then and there! The
two tore the house down in a match that featured both physical athletics and down out guts and macho toughness. The ending however, similar to the previous bout, ended when Jones re-emerged to attack Banks. This time there was no reluctance of trust as J-rod dashed to
the ring, helped Banks clear the ring, and the two for the second time, stood face to face. With the crowd egging it on, the two shook hands firmly and embraced, standing side by side, ready to fight Jones and Valentine. The villans however, quickly retreated at the sight of the new alliance!

Princeton Gainey officially announced that, since J.T. Smooth had used his "last bit of pocket change" to purchase the contract of Kyle Matthews away from him, Gainey has moved on to bigger, and better things. With that, he introduced his newest clients, The Conglomerate, comprised of Murder One, Marvelous Michael Stevens, and The Alabama Ambassador.

The final match of the evening, saw Buff Bagwell announce the returning Scott Steele as his tag team partner, and the two immediately tore into GCW Tag Champs Marvelous and Murder. Marv and Murder several times tried to turn the tables, however, the undeniably strong fan support and momentum of Bagwell and Steele, helped the team gel into one collective unit of fluid action and unbreakable power. Bagwell returned to his tag team roots, re-establishing why his timing and ability had made him a player for so long, while Scott Steele showed up looking
crisper, stronger, and more determined then ever. The odds were just too much for Murder and Marvelous to overcome, as Bagwell hit the blockbuster on Marvelous, Scott Steele speared Murder One, and with both champions pinned at the same time, the referee counted 1..2..3 to
declare brand new GCW Tag Team Champions, Buff Bagwell and Scott Steele!!!


Buff Bagwell & Scott Steele are the new GCW Tag Team Champions!

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