Saturday, February 27, 2010

Results: Pro South Wrestling, 02/26/10, from Piedmont, AL


Results: Pro South Wrestling, 02/26/10, from Piedmont, AL

- from PSW

In an awesome Tag Team match, Curry Kid & Scott Spade fell to collumbine & Chip Day;

Seems Chip & collumbine's tag team experience is paying off;

After Drew Scott's partner, Daniel Alexander, issues threat of dissolving their partnership if Drew doesn't win this match, Drew Scott takes it to heart by defeating D2daC in a rage filled match;

After defeating Stupid w/ Tweety last week, Iceman returned for a rematch using the same formula. However, this week Stupid w/ Tweety was ready and comes out the victor;

Daniel Alexander was joined at ringside by Drew Scott as Daniel met Robi Vio. Daniel subsequently lost to Robi Vio and in turn Drew had a few choice words for Daniel.

Is the team of Daniel Alexander & Drew Scott so pre-occupied with losing the Tag Team Belts they can't seem to focus?

In six man tag action spilling over from last week's melee, Ace Haven, Damon TAZ, & JT Angel came out bruised but victorious over Steven Michaels, Thirteen, & the Southern Stud Waylon Rhodes with JT Angel getting the pin over Waylon Rhodes;

Commissioner Batey was so impressed with with the ring action and result that he immediately signed JT Angel and Waylon Rhodes to a match next week.

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