Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Results: NWA Anarchy, 10/22/11, from Cornelia, GA

Results: NWA Anarchy, 10/22/11, from Cornelia, GA

- from NWA Anarchy

Armed & Dangerous (Lane Vasser & Johnny Dangerous) Def Gil Quest & JC Walker;

Vignette played of Mike Posey who plans to return to NWA Anarchy on 11-12 to confront Steven Walters & Franklin Dove.

Young Lions Champion, Bo Newsome def Skirra Corvus in a non-title match;

NWA North American Champion, Shaun Tempers was at ringside and joined "Bro" postmatch to complain that Anthony Henry was just handed a Young Lions Title match at Fright Night and while a decent tag team wrestler had not proven himself as a singles wrestler. He said Henry could not last 5 minutes with him but if he could he could have the match against Bo at Fright Night.

Anthony Henry lasted 5 minutes with Shaun Tempers;

In a non title match NWA Anarchy TV Champion, Steven Walters faced one half of the Ambassadors, Chris Mayne. Mayne was DQed when Jacoby Boykins got involved. Seth Delay evened the odds but the Ambassadors were in control until Bryan Casanova cleared them from the ring.

Sev7n with Jeff G Bailey def Brody Chase;

Seth Delay def "Teen Excitement" Drew Haskins. Postmatch he called out TV Champion, Steven Walters and asked him to agree to adding him to the TV Title match at Fright Night. Walters agreed.

Bobby Moore def Jacob Ashworth;

Hate Junkies w/The Rev def Tommy Daniels & CB Gibson;

Bryan Casanova def Jacoby Boykins by DQ when Chris Mayne got involved. Seth Delay & Steven Walters chased them from the ring.

The NWA Anarchy Champion, Azrael with The Rev def Shadow Jackson by submission to win the War Games entry advantage at Fright Night 2011.

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