Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Results: NWA ProSouth Wrestling, 10/21/11, from Piedmont, AL

Results: NWA ProSouth Wrestling, 10/21/11, from Piedmont, AL

- NWA Pro South

- "Awesome" Scott Spade and "Epic" Grant Mitchell with an assist from Big Tomb defeated the returning Curry Kid and the debuting Kaiden Knight in non title tag team action;

- "The Fallen Hero" Brandon Collum destroyed "Stinger" Shawn Seagle in our second match of the night. Collum choked Stinger out but still would not relinquish the hold when the match was over. Collum helped Stinger to his feet, just to lay him back out with the Ace Crusher, the signature finishing move of Ace Haven;

- Brian Alexander came to the ring for his scheduled interview with "Fast Eddie Layne". However, it was all a facade as Alexander mocked the host of Beyond Ringside while interviewing himself! Alexander hyped his interview on Beyond Ringside, which aired October 23rd at www.BeyondRingside.com;

- "Southern Stud" Waylon Rhodes finally made his return to NWA ProSouth to face Kyle Matthews in singles action! The entire Southern Stud Enterprises was ejected from ringside early in the match, but Big Tomb still attempted to interfere, eating a Kyle Matthews dropkick to the face for his troubles! The distraction from Big Tomb was enough for Rhodes to catch Matthews off guard and pin him after a Complete Shot;

- As the ring was being prepared for the Ace Haven vs. Brandon Collum contract signing, NWA ProSouth Commissioner Terry Batey and NWA ProSouth General Manager Gene Jackson announced that due to injuries, Hall of Famer Rick Freeman had to pull out of his scheduled match with Waylon Rhodes at Wicked Havoc! Commissioner Batey decreed that Freeman would be allowed to select his replacement in the Texas Bull Rope match!

- "The Fallen Hero" Brandon Collum and "The Last Hero" Ace Haven both made their way to the ring to sign the contract for their Career vs. Career match! General Manager Gene Jackson explained the terms to both men and made sure they understand that they could not lay one finger on each other tonight. Both men signed the contract and Ace Haven vowed to end Collum's career no matter what!

- NWA ProSouth All-Out Champion Mike Posey defeated Frankie "So Fine" Valentine to retain his title belt, after striking Valentine with that very same title! Due to the match ending in ontroversy, General Manager Gene Jackson announced that not only would Mike Posey defend his title at Wicked Havoc against Frankie Valentine, but that he
was adding four more competitors to the match to make it a Six-Way Showcase!

- Commissioner Terry Batey came to the ring to thank the fans for coming out and also to run down the final Wicked Havoc card. Brandon Collum attacked Commissioner Batey from behind! Ace Haven hit the ring for the save but had to stop himself from attacking Collum! As ring announcer Mark Grason consoled Ace Haven, Kyle Matthews hit the ring causing Brandon Collum to leave through the crowd!


- Career vs. Career: Ace Haven vs. Brandon Collum! No DQs and No Count Outs!

There must be a winner!

- Will "Future Classic" Tyler Gage show up at Wicked Havoc 2? Nobody has
heard from the #1 contender since he was assaulted by Brian Alexander!

- Who has Rick Freeman selected as his replacement in the Texas Bull Rope
Match with "Southern Stud" Waylon Rhodes? Be there this Friday to find out!

- Mike Posey in a Six-Way All-Out Showcase with the title on the line!

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