Thursday, October 13, 2011

Results: NWA ProSouth Wrestling, 10/07/11, from Piedmont, AL

Results: NWA ProSouth Wrestling, 10/07/11, from Piedmont, AL

"Epic" Grant Mitchell pinned Kyle Matthews with an assist from "Awesome" Scott Spade;

Post-match, Spade & Epic attacked Kyle leading to Frankie Valentine running in for the save.

Frankie "So Fine" Valentine defeated "Awesome" Scott Spade by Disqualification when "Epic" Grant Mitchell pulled the referee out of the ring;

Commissioner Terry Batey announced that Epic & Spade would defend the NWA ProSouth Tag Team Titles tonight against Frankie & Kyle.

Commissioner Terry Batey also declared that Waylon Rhodes vs Rick Freeman would start right now! 

Waylon Rhodes had left the building however, leaving Terry Batey to decide that Waylon would face Rick Freeman at Wicked Havoc on October 28th in a Texas Bullrope Match! Big Tomb then jumped Rick Freeman and destroyed him with two Chocolate Avalanche splashes.

"Stinger" Shawn Seagle defeated mystery opponent, D2daC, with a stunning Starship Pain;

Frankie Valentine & Kyle Matthews defeated Scott Spade & Grant Mitchell to become the NEW NWA ProSouth Tag Team Champions! 

Southern Stud Enterprises will get their title rematch next week.

NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Champion Brian Alexander cut a promo bashing #1 contender "Future Classic" Tyler Gage and said there was no way Gage would be able to compete at Wicked Havoc on October 28th;

"The Last Hero" Ace Haven pinned Brandon Collum with a School Boy roll-up in our main event;

Collum gave a very insincere apology to Ace for his recent actions and when Ace turned to leave, Collum stabbed Ace in the neck with a screwdriver and choked him until he was unconscious.


- Will Brandon Collum be punished by the NWA for his attack on Ace Haven?

- What will "Southern Stud" Waylon Rhodes have to say about facing Rick Freeman at Wicked Havoc on October 28th?

- NEW NWA ProSouth Tag Team Champions Kyle Matthews & Frankie Valentine will defend against former champions Southern Stud Enterprises.

- Plus so much more!

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