Sunday, October 2, 2011

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 09/30/11, from Avondale Estates, GA

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 09/30/11, from Avondale Estates, GA

Marko Polo pinned Mr. Xcitement;

The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams) beat The Konkrete Gorillaz(Nemesis & Brian Blaze) by disqualification;

Michael Hirsch pinned Chip Day;

Mr. Eric pinned Warhorse #7

Master Jae & Sylar Cross pinned Warhorse #218 & Tommy Daniels;

Jay Fury pinned Warhorse #2;

The Vandal pinned De La Vega;

Shane Marx pinned Joey Kidman;

Platinum Championship Wrestling Rankings: Champion---Mason; 1---Dany Only; 2---Kyle Matthews; 3---The Vandal; 4---Shane Marx; 5---Nemesis; 6---Seth Delay; 7---Chip Day; 8---Jay Fury; 9---Marko Polo; 10---Jay Lethal

Notes from the show:

The Empire and PCW have agreed to a winner-take-all match on November 11th. The Empire will field 10 members (including Miss Rachael, in her first match) and Platinum Championship Wrestling will as well (including Stephen Platinum, who said he will wrestle one more match as The Lethal Litigator, his gimmick from his wrestling days). The match will be a 10-on-10 elimination, and the winning side will be the league, and the losing side will disband. After November 11th, it will either permenantly be Empire Wrestling or Platinum Championship Wrestling

PCW Champion Mason confirmed that his first title defense will be against Dany Only at the Masquerade on October 20th

The Vandal, who is in line for two title shots due to his Platinum Royal wins, declared that he would face the winner of the Dany Only/Mason title match two weeks in a row, with the plan of injuring the champion in the first encounter, and winning the title in the second

Jay Fury and the Washington Bullets will face all of the Konkrete Gorillaz (Nemesis, Brian Blaze and Geter) at the Masquerade on October 20th

"Do Or Die" Chip Day will team with "The Revelation" Shane Marx for the first time to take on "Wildchild" Joey Kidman and Michael Hirsch next week October 7th at the Academy Theater

The main event of the October 7th show will be The Vandal against "Hands of Steel" Seth Delay in match six of their best-of-seven series. The Vandal leads the series 3-2

Pandora and Aesha Sunshine will face each other in an I Quit match at the Masquerade on October 20th

Davey Richards will face Kyle Matthews on October 28th at the Academy Theater

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