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Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 10/02/11, from Warner Robins, GA

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 10/02/11, from Warner Robins, GA

-  from Daniel Lee Lumm

NWA RPW Results 10-2-11 by Daniel Lee Lumm

 “Marvelous” Michael Stevens (w/ “Adorable” Anthony Andrews) vs Officer Chris Jacobs

Referee: Stan Robinson

After making his entrance, Marv explains that Drew Adler and Chris Jacobs were holding him back and that after losing his mentor, Sal Rinauro, he has been at a low point in his career. He states that he will, with the mentorship of Anthony Andrews, get back on track and pick up more wins. The crowd gets behind Jacobs while Andrews shows his support for Marv and in the end Marv picks up the win with a Double-Knee Rib Breaker.

“Marvelous” Michael Stevens wins via pinfall at 3:22

NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling Television Championship Match

Adrian Hawkins vs Frankie Valentine (C)

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match showcases some impressive technical wrestling from the start. The crowd supported Valentine more but both competitors were getting good reactions. Valentine ended up rolling up Hawkins for the win.

Frankie Valentine wins via pinfall at 6:16 to retain the NWA RPW Television Title

After the match, Doug Somers attacks Valentine until Kyle Matthews and Adrian Hawkins (who already left the ring prior to the attack) made the save.

A promo plays on the screen promoting “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce’s return to NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling on December 18th.

20-Man Gauntlet for the NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Noteworthy moments in this match include Jimmy Rave having Mike Posey, Corey Hollis, and Sal Rinauro give him the victory for free, but he got into a conflict with Sal during the event. “Marvelous” Michael Stevens filled for J-Rod as the 10th entrant. After a highly competitive hour Jeremy Vain (the last entrant into the match) pulled off the victory using the ropes for leverage to eliminate Luke Gallows and become the new NWA RPW Heavyweight Champion. It’s worth noting that this is the second competitor out of three to move to the Heavyweight Title scene shortly after losing the Television Title, the first being J-Rod. For more information on this match, including all the competitors’ times, eliminations, as well as some other miscellaneous notes, scroll to the bottom of the results.

Jeremy Vain wins via pinfall at 1:04:03 to become the new NWA RPW Heavyweight Champion

Time to cool down…

We are reminded that TNA Impact Wrestling will be in Macon, Georgia on October 26th. We are shown a few clips of various TNA Impact Wrestling stars advertise the show for Rampage Pro Wrestling to include AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson (Anderson). We are also informed that the opening match (Dark Match for Impact, possibility of being used for RPW TV) will be Jimmy Rave vs Kyle Matthews.

Doc Gayton then comes out to talk about Doctoberfest and the War Games match. He brings out both Kyle Matthews and Jimmy Rave to finalize the teams for the respective captains. He touches up on the rules of the match for the fans. The ring will be surrounded by a steel cage. Every 90 seconds, a member of one team will enter the fray (giving that team the advantage in numbers through half the match). After the last member has entered, the match can be ended with pinfall or submission.

Rave informs everyone that his partners will consist of his Approved members: Corey Hollis, Mike Posey, Chip Day, and Sal Rinauro. When asked, Kyle Matthews gave his partners: Adriand Hawkins, Patrick Bentley, Ace Rockwell, and J-Rod. Doc goes on to say that since one team will have a numbers advantage, he wants that advantage to be earned. With that he announce a 10-Man Tag Match for the next taping between the Approved and Team Matthews with the winners to have the numbers game play in their favor.

After this announcement, Rave states that his team will win the 10-Man as well as the War Games, then goes on to attack Kyle Matthews. His Approved quickly join him in the assault until Kyle’s team comes to his aid. Approved win this encounter. As Approved control the ring, Rave goes on to assault a defenseless Patrick Bentley until stopped by Sal Rinauro. Sal and Rave get into a confrontation that lasted long enough for Team Matthews to rush and gain control of the ring and aid Bentley who was bleeding from the mouth.

NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match

Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shaun Banks) vs The Usual Suspects (Murder One & AJ Steele)(C)

Referee: Stan Robinson

Murder One and Cru Jones do a good bit of trash talking throughout the match. Hot Like Lava utilizes a good handful of behind-the-ref tactics to keep advantage for a good portion of the match. In the end, AJ Steele is thrown out of the ring (though he was the legal man) and Cru and Shaun go to assault Murder One. Cash Vault (Charlie Cash noticeably absent) storms the ring and attacks Hot Like Lava, forcing a disqualification. Vault and Lava fight it out for a bit with Suspects remaining in the ring.

Hot Like Lava wins via disqualification at 10:32

Gauntlet Match Results:
Competitor Time in Match Elimination Eliminated By
Bobby Moore 3:35 0 Drew Adler via pinfall at 3:35
Drew Adler 7:16 1 Corey Hollis via pinfall at 7:16
Corey Hollis 4:56 1 Jimmy Rave via pinfall at 8:31
Mike Posey 1:26 0 Jimmy Rave via pinfall at 9:58
Adrian Hawkins 1:18 0 Jimmy Rave via submission at 11:16
Frankie Valentine 2:14 0 Jimmy Rave via pinfall at 13:58
Sal Rinauro 2:00 0 Jimmy Rave via count out at 15:59
Jimmy Rave 10:33 6 (most) Ace Rockwell via submission at 19:03
Michael Stevens 0:39 (shortest) 0 Ace Rockwell via submission at 19:42
Ace Rockwell 3:43 2 Chip Day via pinfall at 20:06
Chip Day 3:24 1 Patrick Bentley via pinfall at 23:17
Patrick Bentley 8:01 1 Shaun Banks via pinfall at 28:07
Shaun Banks 10:10 1 Murder One via pinfall at 33:27
Cru Jones 3:23 0 Murder One via Disqualification at 36:50
Murder One 6:55 2 Rob Adonis via pinfall at 37:03
Rob Adonis 2:05 1 Double Count Out at 38:55
AJ Steele 1:52 0 Double Count Out at 38:55
Kyle Matthews 11:32 0 Luke Gallows via pinfall at 50:27
Luke Gallows 25:09 (longest) 1 Jeremy Vain via pinfall at 1:04:03
Jeremy Vain 13:37 1 Won match at 1:04:03

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