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Rampage Pro Wrestling's "Gene Gayton Memorial Mayhem" show this Saturday, 04/24/10, in Warner Robins, GA


Rampage Pro Wrestling's "Gene Gayton Memorial Mayhem" show this Saturday, 04/24/10, in Warner Robins, GA

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Rampage Pro Wrestling's “Gene Gayton Memorial Mayhem” on Saturday, April 24 at 7:30pm at the RPW Arena @ Johnny G's at 815 Russell Parkway, Warner Robins, GA 31088. Tickets are $10 for ages 13 and up and $7 for ages 4-12. Call 404-317-0134 or visit for more information. Card is subject to change.
On Saturday, April 24, it will be business as usual for our first hour as we tape our television show. But once that first hour ends, the TV cameras will be shut off entirely in order to present Memorial Mayhem. This card will feature matches intended to settle the biggest feuds in RPW, which no doubt will be way too violent to air on television. The ONLY way to see Memorial Mayhem and these five huge matches, including not one but TWO cage matches, is to join us at the RPW Arena @ Johnny G's LIVE, 7:30pm on Saturday night, April 24 for one of RPW's biggest shows of the year!
RPW Heavyweight Championship: Austin Creed vs. Bull Buchanan©

On the first show of 2010 on January 8, Austin Creed made his thrilling debut with Rampage Pro Wrestling. He made his mark with an impressive victory over then-Cash Vault member Frankie Valentine. However, his singles victory wasn't the end of that icy Friday night for Creed. Due to the weather situation creating problems for several RPW wrestlers, Commissioner Nick Patrick made a match to reward the wrestlers that made it to the show. He created a battle royal which allowed the winner to challenge for any title in RPW at any event he wished. Creed took full advantage of the opportunity, eliminating both Usual Suspects to emerge victorious. While Creed was impressing the RPW crowd, another mark was being made. Bull Buchanan has been unstoppable since storming into RPW and immediately winning the Heavyweight Championship. Buchanan has stomped through the competition, keeping his title at every turn. On April 2, Creed told Patrick that he was going to cash in his title match at Memorial Mayhem and he wanted to face Buchanan. Buchanan willingly signed on the dotted line and the match was made. At Memorial Mayhem, perhaps the two hottest stars in RPW, Buchanan and Creed, will finally collide. Will Creed keep his undefeated streak in tact and become the new RPW Heavyweight Champion, or will Buchanan once again prove that he is the top dog in RPW? Find out LIVE this Saturday night!
Steel Cage Match: Rob Adonis & Cru Jones vs. J-Rod & Dr. Johnny Gayton

There are so many interweaving issues with these four men, Commissioner Nick Patrick decided to put them all together in a cage. Dr. Johnny Gayton has transformed into a mad man ever since the ruse Rob Adonis pulled was revealed. Back in October 2009, Adonis faked being paralyzed after an accidental chair shot from Dr. Gayton. Concerned for his well being, Dr. Gayton paid Adonis an undisclosed sum of money for him to be able to take care of himself. Little did Dr. Gayton know that Adonis was in perfect health and using this money to hire mercenaries to ruin RPW from within. This batch of paid thugs has transformed into what we know today as the Apocalypse. However, Adonis' latest and greatest acquisition affected someone other than Dr. Gayton. Last summer, J-Rod entered into a blood feud with Cru Jones after Jones crossed the line by harassing J-Rod's son at ringside during a match. At September 2009's Vengeance in the Valley, Cru and J-Rod faced off in a street fight intended to settle the score. Instead, the match was declared a no-contest as J-Rod had to be sent to a Fort Valley emergency room after a failed superplex attempt ended with him violently crashing to the non-padded floor. At this point, it seemed Cru had a change of heart as he showed concern for J-Rod's situation. Unbelievably enough, Cru and J-Rod formed a very effective tag team. They were so good, they immediately captured the RPW Tag Team Championship from the Usual Suspects. On February 19, Cru & J-Rod were on the way to regaining their titles from the Suspects until Cru shockingly returned to his old ways, smashing J-Rod in the back with a chair. It was revealed that Cru was paid off by Adonis. Dr. Gayton's frustration and mission for payback have only intensified now that one of his best friends, Colt Derringer, has retired from professional wrestling due to knee problems stemming from repeated attacks by Adonis. At Memorial Mayhem, will all four of these men be able to achieve finality with their issues? Find out LIVE this Saturday night!
Steel Cage Match: A.J. Steele vs. Mr. Jones
 Another hot-button issue deemed worthy of a Cage Match is the budding feud between former associates in the Usual Suspects, A.J. Steele and Mr. Jones. Back on March 5, the Suspects were defending the RPW Tag Team Championship against the Rampage Wrecking Crew. As the referee's back was turned, Mr. Jones entered the ring attempting to spear Frankie Valentine. However, he accidentally flattened Steele with an earth-rattling spear. While the Suspects ended up keeping the titles thanks to the Exotic Ones, Steele was infuriated at Mr. Jones' mistake and pummeled him after the match, effectively eliminating him from the Apocalypse. On April 2 during the Countdown to Doom match, Steele and Jones focused their efforts mostly on each other once both men were in the match. Their violence didn't end there, as another incident took place on April 16. As the Suspects were defending the titles against J-Rod & Dr. Johnny Gayton, Mr. Jones brazenly entered the ring in front of the referee and smashed Steele with a chair. At Memorial Mayhem, Steele and Jones will have an opportunity to settle their issue inside a 15-foot high steel cage!
Taped Fist Match: Sal Rinauro vs. Jimmy Rave
 The issue between Sal Rinauro and Jimmy Rave goes as far back as last year. When Rave defeated Rinauro for the RPW Intercontinental Title, Rinauro had been obsessed with revenge. Stopping at every chance he could get, Rinauro attempted to pay back Rave, but failed every time. But Rinauro eventually did get his revenge. At a non-RPW event in North Carolina back in January, Rinauro weaseled his way into the ring with Rave. During this incident, a right hand from Rinauro successfully connected, shattering Rave's nose. After surgery to repair his face, Rave was advised by doctors to stay out of the ring indefinitely. This required Rave to forfeit the RPW Intercontinental Title to Commissioner Nick Patrick since he would not be able to defend it within the required 30 days. After a few months recovering, Rave returned to the RPW Arena backstage on April 2. Overhearing a plan by Rinauro and Jeremy Vain to attack Rave, Rave enlisted the help of Dr. Johnny Gayton to thwart their plans. During the bathroom scuffle, Rave ended up exacting revenge on Rinauro by connecting with a shot to the face, bloodying the Cruiserweight Champion. While Rinauro's suspect nose stayed in tact, he stormed Patrick's office in a rage, demanding that Rave be suspended. Not only did Patrick refuse to do so, he informed Rinauro that Rave would be medically cleared by Memorial Mayhem, so Rinauro was going to face Rave in a Taped Fist Match. With the comfort of taped fists, will Rave be able to finally get proper revenge on Rinauro? Or will Rinauro take advantage of Rave's possible ring rust from being out for over three months? Find out LIVE this Saturday night!
Hardcore Rules Texas Death Match: Murder One vs. Pitbull

Back on January 15, the Usual Suspects defeated Slaughter Pit to reclaim the RPW Tag Team Championship. However, the Suspects took a lot more away from Slaughter Pit than the tag team gold. During the match, Murder One grabbed Pitbull's prized possession: his Rubik's cube. He then proceeded to throw it against the wall of the RPW Arena, shattering it into millions of pieces. Pitbull was distraught, leaving his partner to be easy pickings for the Suspects to regain the titles. While several young members of the RPW audience eventually contributed a new Rubik's cube for Pitbull, he still remembers what Murder One did to his original one and has continued to vow retribution. At Memorial Mayhem, Pitbull finally gets his chance, as he will face Murder One in a Hardcore Rules Texas Death Match. Will Pitbull successfully defend the honor of his fallen friend, or will the former two-time RPW Heavyweight Champion deny him? Find out LIVE this Saturday night!
Also, our weekly show is available ON DEMAND on the front page of our web site,, which offers both a low- and high-bandwidth stream! New shows go up every Saturday afternoon.

This WILL be one of RPW's biggest shows of the year! Once again, this show will NOT be televised! The ONLY way to see it is to join us LIVE! If you only come to one RPW show, make sure Memorial Mayhem is the one! Join us LIVE at the RPW Arena @ Johnny G's on Saturday night, April 24 at 7:30pm for one of the biggest nights in RPW history!

Also, a reminder that starting on Saturday, May 1, Rampage Pro Wrestling will be moving live events to every other Saturday night. RPW will no longer be running on Friday nights.

Also, starting with May 1, bell time will be moved up to 7:00pm with doors opening at 6:30pm.

Our schedule for May looks like this: May 1, May 15 & May 29

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