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Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 04/16/10, from Avondale Estates, GA


Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 04/16/10, from Avondale Estates, GA

MATCH NUMBER ONE – The Phantom versus Najasism

Najasism and Phantom began chain wrestling right off the bat. Najasism broke off and went for a figure four, but Phantom fought back and kicked out of the hold. Najasism tried working Phantom’s left leg by kicking it repeatedly, but Phantom countered with a roundhouse kick to Najasism’s head. Phantom then flips over and power bombs Najasism, followed with a kick to his head and snapmared him. Phantom suplexed Najasism, but Najasism lifted his shoulders by bridging up and reversed. Phantom missed the charge to the corner, and Najasism came at him with a cross body and followed with a clothesline. Najasism tried to finish Phantom off with a moonsault, but Phantom kicked out. Phantom then snapmared Najasism, then jumped onto his abdomen. Najasism was picked up for another suplex, but wriggled out of the hold, got behind Phantom and gave him a German suplex. Phantom moved out of the way of Najasism’s roll up jaw breaker, and gave Najasism a neck breaker, then a swinging neck breaker, then finished Najasism off with a brainbuster! The best of seven series is now tied at 1-1.

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER ONE – The Phantom with a brainbuster via pinfall over Najasism

MATCH NUMBER TWO – Jamie Holmes versus Brian Blaze

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER TWO – Jamie Holmes with apparently some sort of object (likely a spike of some sort) to the throat of his opponent via pinfall over Brian Blaze

Jaime Holmes attacked Brian Blaze immediately as Brian Blaze entered the ring. Blaze punched back, but Holmes reversed off of the ropes and laid into Blaze with a back elbow. Holmes then threw Blaze out of the ring and continued the brawl on the outside. Once back in the ring, a man in red got on the apron and distracted Referee JR Brantley. It looked as though Holmes stabbed Blaze with some foreign object, with Brian Blaze down, Jaime Holmes got the pinfall.

It was revealed the mystery man in red is now the manager of Jaime Holmes, “Screamin” Marty Freeman. He claims that PCW won’t be able to handle a wrestler such as Jaime Holmes.
Miss Quinn introduced “You’re Not Worthy” for Oscar Worthy as he was to protect his voice for a movie role. Miss Quinn received a card, roses and an ice cream gift certificate from her secret admirer. Vandal and De La Vega reiterated that they will be doing what is necessary to rise to the top of PCW.

MATCH NUMBER THREE – Goth versus Scott Steele

Once in the ring, Scott Steele immediately shot behind Goth for a waist lock. Goth reversed, but Steele reversed back. Goth took out Steele’s leg and wrapped Steele up in a chinlock. Goth hiptossed Scott Steele and punched him in the head. Scott Steele flipped Goth over his shoulder, but Goth hiptossed Steele again. Goth called for a test of strength, but Steele was incredulous. Steele relented and overpowered Goth, but Goth stomped on Steele’s toes forcing the release of the hold then clotheslined Steele. Steele powerslammed Goth off of the ropes, then leaped up for an elbow drop. Steele then pulled Goth up and choked him along the top ropes. Leaving the ring, Steele pulled Goth to the edge of the apron then struck him on the neck. Once back into the ring, Steele began punching Goth, but Goth seemed to feed off of every punch, and retaliated with his own punches, elbowed Steele’s head followed by a knee to the head.

Suddenly Michael Cannon snuck into the ring, and with Steele flying off of the ropes, Cannon laid a mighty clothesline on him. Steele left the ring and disappeared out of the arnea. Goth upset that he was disqualified due to Cannon’s interference DDT’ed Cannon.

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER THREE – Scott Steele due to the interference of Michael Cannon, who struck Steel in the course of the match via disqualification over Goth

Aisha Sunshine entered with a petition to bring Dwight Power back so that she can hurt him herself.

MATCH NUMBER FOUR – Warhorse #300 (with Johnathan Davis Wynn and other Warhorses) versus CAMPUS Yellow (accompanied by CAMPUS Strike Force)
Warhorse #300 and CAMPUS Yellow were the chosen ones for the first battle in the war between the Warhorses and CAMPUS Strike Force. CAMPUS Yellow caught Warhorse #300’s boot, reversed him then slapped Warhorse #300. The two masked men locked up and rolled around the ropes of the entire ring. CAMPUS Yellow shot Warhorse #300 off of the ropes, but Warhorse #300 knocked CAMPUS Yellow down with a shoulder tackle. The two combatants exchanged punches, but CAMPUS Yellow was taken down with a wild spear, and finshed off by Warhorse #300’s Spartan boot. Warhorses lead CAMPUS Strike Force 1-0.

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER FOUR – Warhorse #300 (with Johnathan Davis Wynn and other Warhorses) with the Spartan Kick via pinfall over CAMPUS Yellow (accompanied by CAMPUS Strike Force)

MATCH NUMBER FIVE -- The Konkrete Gorillaz (Jay Fury and Nemesis) versus The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams)

Once the Washinton Bullets entered the ring, Jay Fury instantly launched an attack on Jon Williams. Fury laid a painful chop on Jon’s chest then tagged in Nemesis who also chopped Jon’s chest. Fury then snapmared Jon, Jon then ducked the following clothesline and drop kicked Fury. Trey then blind tagged himself in, and the two brothers double hip tossed Fury. Nemesis snuck into the ring to break up the pin, giving Fury enough time to slip out and recuperate. Fury reentered and went after Trey, but Trey tripped Fury allowing Jon to roll up on him with a chin lock, and Trey followed with a kick to his face. Trey then suplexed Fury, Jon tagged in and suplexed Fury, then Trey tagged in again, and the Bullets double suplexed Fury. The tables turned when Trey was thrown to the ropes but held on as Fury attempted to kick and miss. Nemesis clubbed Trey’s back and Fury connected with his clothesline. Nemesis and Fury then took turns working and striking Trey. Trey’s chest was bright red from the many chops he received at the hands of the Konkrete Gorillaz. He was booted in the neck, in the back, and on the face. Nemesis hurled Trey off of the ropes, but Trey caught Nemesis in a cross body splash. Jon and Fury tagged in, but Jon landed his clotheslines first, followed by flying elbows and a drop kick. Jon neutralized Nemesis’ boot and swung him around, Jon then slingshotted through the ropes to kick Nemesis in the face. Turning their attention to Fury, Jon and Trey performed their backcracker/cutter combination for the pin. But Nemesis broke up the pin and grabbed Jon for the 800 Pounds. Nemesis then put a noose around Trey and hung him off of the ropes, meanwhile, Fury had grabbed Jon and hung upside down from the turnbuckle stretching him out. Referee Duke Korey immediately disqualified the Konkrete Gorillaz for using foreign objects.

The Washington Bullets believed that they had the Konkrete Gorillaz beat, and challenged them to a rematch to see if they had what it takes to beat the Bullets in a fair fight.

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER FIVE – The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams) due to Duke Korey disqualifying the Gorillaz due to ignoring the referee instructions over The Konkrete Gorillaz (Jay Fury and Nemesis)

Reverend Waylan Grimm entered the ring, and with fake tears asked for forgiveness on the despicable act he left PCW with, spitting on the PCW Title Belt. He returned for redemption, so that he can find his peace and tranquility.
MAIN EVENT MATCH NUMBER SIX – Mason (accompanied by the Witnesses) versus Pandora

Pandora circled around Mason, while he sized her up she slapped his face. Angrily, Mason grabbed Pandora into a headlock, moved into an arm ringer, then to a hammerlock. Pandora caught Mason’s boot, then swept his leg out from under him sending him to the ground. Pandora pounced onto Mason and began choking him. Mason reversed off of the ropes, but missed his clothesline allowing Pandora to catch him in her flying head scissors. Pandora hooked her legs over Mason’s shoulders, flipped him over and proceeded to ram his face into the mat. Pandora continued her beating with a chop to Mason’s chest and pressed her boot up to his throat. Mason blocked her next strike, reversed her and began punching her in the back. He grabbed her head and flipped her in a snapmare, then grabbed the back of her head as he somersaulted over her in a Kurt Henning. Mason then struck a pose before dropping Pandora in a neck breaker. Mason threw Pandora out of the ring, where Witness Pawn was waiting and stomped her. This action brought out Grotesque who grabbed Witness Pawn by the throat and lifted him high into the air, then hurled him to the ground in a choke slam. Once back in the ring, Mason stomped on Pandora, but backed off as Grotesque climbed on to the apron. Not wanting to be disqualified, Pandora ordered Grotesque away and he obeyed. Mason hit Pandora from behind while she was distracted, but she managed to flip him in a sunset flip. Mason escaped by raking her eyes. Pandora retaliated with a DDT off of the ropes. Pandora got Mason in her “Pain of the Damned” submission hold, but Mason reached the ropes forcing the break of the hold. Mason attempted the “Occom’s Razor” hold, but Pandora managed to block it, flipped into a backslide and got the pinfall.
Mason proceeded with his “Occom’s Razor” after the match was called. Mason claimed dominance for he was the last one standing in the ring and demanded a rematch. He then quickly left the ring as Grotesque came out to collect Pandora.

WINNER OF MAIN EVENT – Pandora with a backslide (allegedly with her feet on the ropes for leverage) via pinfall over Mason

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