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Results: Great Championship Wrestling, 03/08/10 from Phenix City, AL

Results: Great Championship Wrestling, 03/08/10 from Phenix City, AL

- from GCW

Jimmy the Kid vs. Kyle Matthews

Great match to start the show Kyle Matthews showed why he calls himself the best in the world. Both men put on a mixture of scientific wrestler and high risk ability, however the risk didn't pay off for Kid, who made one mistake, leading to Kyles slurpee kick and the 1.2.3 for the "Best in the World" - Kyle Matthews wins with the Slurpee kick

80's Guy John Bogie vs. Johnny Swinger

Swinger came out as Jimmy the Lid was recovering for his match and attacked him and his partner Eric Mayne with no reason other then to further his reputation as GCW's resident bully.

Fellow GCW veteran 80's Guy John Bogie emerged from his endless timewarp to stop the damage, and then challenged the GCW Juggernaut to a match right then and there. Bogies good heart and righteous cause wouldn't be enough however, as Swinger control with a foreign object, and then subdued Bogie with the infamous Sleep-Time.

Swinger wins with Sleep time ( sleeper hold)

Commissioner Gainey came out and stated that since he did not sanction the GCW interstate Title match street match on last weeks program, that it was now null and voided. Gainey said there needed to be a new era in GCW, of Champions the fans could look up to. Not surprising, Princeton chose fellow Conglomerate member Sal Rinauro to be the new title holder, in a bold move and perfect example of Gaineys corrupt powetrip.

Rinauro thanked the Gcw crowd mockingly, and tried to leave for the evening, when Mike Kross suddenly came out and challenged The New champion to a match. Rinauro denied the challenger a shot at the belt, however his opinion was was over turned by Gainey himself when Kross implied he had some pictures of The Commish and Conglomerate Member Marvelous Michael Stevens enjoying each others company on spring break.

Bull Buchanan Vs Navy Blue

Newcomer Navy Blue had lots of words for The Big Bull who made sure this upstart learned the meaning of respect when he nearly decapitated the near 7 foot monster with the infamous lariat, on his way to winning the very high impact and brutal battle. Afterwards, Buchanan stated that he didn't care WHO made the match, the owner, the Commish, or the D.J. in the soundbooth, he wants the Butcher next week, and threatened that the show would not start, until he had the Butcher in the ring.

Bull wins with the lariat.

Murder One & Marvelous Michael Stevens Vs Nation and GCW Champion Scott Steele

Everything seemed to be in favor of the GCW champion Scott Steele and Big Nation ,as Nation hit the standing shoot star press on Marvelous Michael Stevens, however Stevens had slipped brass knuckles into the trunks of Nation, which the referee saw and automatically assumed Nation had used. He quickly reversed the decision, and gave the match to Murder One and Marvelous.

Murder One and Marvelous Michael Stevens win By DQ

Mike Kross vs. Sal Rinauro

Rinauro came out with one thing on his mind, hurt Kross bad and end his challenge to the title once and for all. But Kross fed off the emotions of the fans as he fought his way out of the figure four leg lock and other devistating holds the champion used to try and take the legs away from the challenger. In the end it was Mike Kross who caught Sal with a tremendous r spring board reverse DDT, to pick up the upset win.

Mike Kross wins and is the new GCW Interstate Champion.

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