Monday, April 12, 2010

Results: AWF/WOW's "Civil War Showdown", 04/03/10


Results: AWF/WOW's "Civil War Showdown", 04/03/10

Jump on it boys defeats The deans list- Ace and Robbie

Backstage Interview Bucky Griffin made his return, Roger complaining that someone stole his sunglasses his cane, and his gloves. Nature boy said someone stole his robe. Iron-mann said that someone stole his beer. They wanted for bucky to do a investigation and try to find who stole their stuff.

Iron-mann defeats Ricky Castro;

Two new comers came out and did a interview calling theselves Diamond Exchange and that they were here observing the AWF talent;

Jaysunn made his return and defeats Big Jedd Johnson;

The new AWF tag-team Jerry Anderson & Rush defeats Kevin Weatherby & Lemon-fresh Mike Cobbs;

Jerry Anderson and Rush came up with a name The Bald dawgs;

Father VS Son VS Best friend Main Event:

Cody Cantrell came out wearing Handsome Roger Cantrells items;

Lex Lee came out wearing Nature Boy's Robe;

Nature Boy defeats Lex and Cody;

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