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Results: Pro South Wrestling, 04/23/10, from Piedmont, AL


Results: Pro South Wrestling, 04/23/10, from Piedmont, AL

Terry Batey opened the show with an update on his neck injury and stated that he wouldn't be signing a contract with Waylon Rhodes tonight. The Commissioner was interrupted by "Southern Stud" Waylon Rhodes who was there to gloat over attacking Terry last week. Ace Haven hit the ring to protect Terry Batey before Waylon even had a chance to get on the apron. Waylon revealed that due to a legal restraining order, Ace could not touch Waylon unless it was in a ProSouth-sanctioned match. This prompted Damon TAZ to come out and challenge Waylon to a match later in the night. Terry told the fans that he was going to take the night off and relax at home.

collumbine defeated the returning Bobby Moore;
Johnny Viper challenged JD Rush to a rematch and defeated him due to underhanded tactics;

Tag Team Champions Xtreme Xpress (Ace Haven & Robi Vio) went to a double count-out with D2daC & Stupid w/Tweety;

After a short intermission, Waylon and his Anti-Terry Regime (D2daC & Stupid w/Tweety) came to the ring with a contract for a match. Waylon called out Team Terry (collumbine & Xtreme Xpress) and asked them to sign the match. Damon TAZ then make an appearance stating that if they was gonna be a match for control of the company then Damon TAZ wanted to fight for Terry Batey. In a move of arrogance or confidence, collumbine told TAZ that he had the situation under control. collumbine then went into a heartfelt speech about the impact Terry Batey has had on his life. Ace interrupted him saying that it was a pointless gamble to risk the company just to beat up the "Southern Stud". A brawl broke out and before anybody had time to realize what was happening, collumbine had signed the contract, making the match official. Team Waylon left smiling, knowing that next week they have their chance to win control of the company. collumbine shook hands with Robi Vio, and tried to with Ace Haven. Ace, unhappy with collumbine's decision to sign the match, left him and his tag team partner alone in the ring.

Steven Michaels defeated Tyler Gage;

Omega defeated Scott Spade;

Damon TAZ won by disqualification over Waylon Rhodes when Omega interfered;

NEXT WEEK, 04/30:

Team Terry (collumbine,Robi Vio & Ace Haven)
Team Waylon (Waylon Rhodes, D2daC & Stupid w/Tweety);

Champion Damon TAZ vs Omega w/Steven Michaels;

And many other exciting matches!

ProSouth Wrestling 627 Southern Avenue Piedmont, AL 36272

Doors open @ 6 PM & Bell time @ 7 PM
Tickets only $6

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